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Rules of attraction

Last Update : March 7, 2017

“Attraction is beyond our will or ideas sometimes”, declared once the famous actress, Juliette Binoche.

When it comes to falling in love, there is not one simple rule that stipulates how attraction actually works. There are, however, certain traits that make people more attractive than others.

In spite some singles tend to get only attracted to people who they believe are physically stunning, attraction, and even chemistry goes beyond physical beauty.

Traits that make people more attractive

RSVP’s dating expert, John Aiken, exposes what factors make people more attractive when it comes to finding a life-time partner.

In general, singles are more interested in people who are good conversationalists, basically those that know how to openly communicate with others. After all, communication is key to happy relationships!

They are also attracted to people who physically meet their standards, have a sense of humour, and those who share the same interests, and life values -whether is the same political ideals, the same religious beliefs, or the same perspective about the best way of sharing their life together.

Having similar education, and ambitions as well as a career plan undoubtedly will make you more appealing to other singles. Sharing the same life goals is one the key factors that helps to easily connect two people.

Another important aspect for attractiveness is to have similar social circles. If the person you are dating really gets along with your friends, and the people you usually hang out, then the possibilities that he/she can start feeling attracted to you increase.

Be comfortable in your own skin

A recent research carried by the grooming brand LYNX, and where 1.000 Australian were surveyed, showed than only 11% of men currently think that they are attractive.

The main reason behind this low figure is that most men felt that it was difficult to meet society’s masculine stereotypes.

Curiously, 8 of 10 Aussie women confessed that the most attractive guys for them are the ones who are comfortable being themselves.

In the end, it seems that attraction appears when that person you are dating already knows which are his/her strengths, and really knows how to enhance them!