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#Video – Find the perfect date on Tinder

Last Update : March 12, 2024

The matchmaker Tinder was created on May 2011, and since then it has gained over 50 million estimated users around the world.

Some people in the search for a serious relationship have met their significant other thanks to the app, scores of casual daters have found their perfect partner with whom to have a naughty encounter, and even celebrities have succumbed to its highly addictive “swiping”.

However, is Tinder a real matchmaker for those romantic singletons looking for a long-lasting love story or, as the common perception suggests, it is more like a dynamic tool to find a casual date or a one-night stand?

A recent study showed -the results can be seen in this infographic- that you can find all types of relationships on Tinder, but the number of people seeking for something long-term is somehow low compared to other similar websites.

Why is it so? Surprisingly, not all users are necessarily single. It seems there is a space for those couples looking for some adventure. Over 10% of them already are in a relationship.

It is all about having a first date

What people mainly search for in Tinder is to have a date. In fact, a considerable nine million matches, both parts liked each other, lead to a date.

From then, the idea is, for some, to expand their social circle, and, for others, to hook-up with another single guy/girl.

As you can see in this video, 73% of people use the app to look for new friends or to find another like-minded free-spirit with whom to have a casual affair.

Only around three on every 10 users confessed they were looking for a life-time partner.

Casual dates, and friendship are important

All in all, it seems that you can find your soul mate in Tinder, although the possibilities are not spectacularly high.

However, if your idea is to enjoy an amazing first date with someone who not necessarily looks for a further romantic commitment, at least not initially, and with whom you may end up having a good friendship or something more casual, then Tinder is the right place for you!