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Best Serious dating sites Australia

Serious Dating websites appeared a few years ago with the idea of giving a hand to singles looking for love and to start a serious relationship.

The dating platforms you’ll find below are intended to help you find your soul mate, to help you signing-up to the best dating sites so you can meet new people and even start meaningful love stories!

Are you looking for a lifetime partner or a mate? Start getting in touch with local singles right away!

If you don’t really know how to start to look for online romance, you can find the solution here!

We have selected the Best Serious Aussie Dating sites, so you can start a new romantic adventure and find the perfect match for you!

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main features
overall rating
membership base
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  • Focused on creating long term, successful couples
  • Quality Australian profiles and a high-success rate
  • Scientific matchmaking for highly compatible matches
9.8 / 10
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3'000'000 singles
ideal age35-55

SilverSingles Review

  • Highly effective matchmaking for seniors 50+
  • Exclusive dating community for the forever young
  • Manually verified profiles for your security
9.6 / 10
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2'000'000 singles
ideal age50+

Singles 50

  • A serious dating site dedicated to the over 50s
  • Ten contacts guaranteed, or a free subscription extension
  • Compatible profile suggestions
8.1 / 10
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1'800'000 singles
ideal age50+

Academic Singles

  • Matchmaking for 45+
  • High quality personality profiles
  • Aimed at educated Australians
7.7 / 10
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160'000 singles
ideal age45-65


  • Attentive Matchmaker for 45+
  • Singles looking for serious, long-term relationships
  • High quality personality profiles
7.5 / 10
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2'500'000 singles
ideal age45+


  • For singles looking for flirting or fun dates
  • A very interactive dating site
6.1 / 10
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1'000'000 singles
ideal age+18

Find right now the serious dating site that really meets your needs

Nowadays, there are many types of relationships that have started on online dating sites or even on a dating app. These dating services are great to help single women and single men find the Best Dating Sites Australia that cater all romantic needs so they can find a perfect match.

Singles looking for something serious can find great dating sites such as Zoosk Australia that work in a way to connect matches taking into account simple details like their interests, location, age, and their relationship aspirations.

Check out Zoosk if you’d like to have a dynamic dating experience and plenty of matches!

Others, the popularly called matchmakers, include scientifically proven algorithms that enhance romantic compatibility and provide relationship coaching services.
In both cases, profiles are linked considering aspects that go beyond pure physical attraction.

Choose a serious dating site to increase your chances of finding a serious commitment

In order to select the best serious dating platform, you should ask yourself what kind of romance you are looking for. Some dating websites can be quite classical in their nature, while others are intended to help singles who are looking for a serious relationship.

Nowadays, singles looking for Love with a capital “L” really have very high expectations. Their goal is to meet a partner to whom they can share their life goals, and enjoy a long-term love story.

Initiating a serious romance can be a real challenge for those singles who desire to find someone pretty special: their soulmate. This is why such websites now offer premium relationship coaching, and services to guide you in your online dating, and which ease the process of finding, not just a date, but your perfect match!

Match with high-quality profiles on EliteSingles!

How do serious dating sites work?

The main feature of serious dating websites is that the goal of their users is to meet other Aussie men, and women looking for a love story.

In comparison to casual dating sites where the aim is to find singles or even already committed people with who you can have a sex affair with, serious dating sites have been designed to connect you with like-minded singles living in your area.

These platforms have been created to ease connections between Aussie singles that belong to the same age range, live in the same area, have a similar academic level, and share the same interests.

Age is not an issue when it comes to romance, and falling in love. This is why these serious dating websites are open to singles (over 18 years old) from all age ranges. Some of them even focus on specific markets like for example senior dating, where people over 40 who want to give love a second chance can find their significant other.

Learn more about dating apps like Tinder with our Dating Reviews!

Grab other members’ attention with an awesome profile on your serious dating site

Your profile is like your presentation card. As any real-life encounter, the first impression is very important, so the best you can do to make sure you grab the attention of other singles is by writing a successful, and attractive dating ad. Every detail counts, so ensure that the information you include in your profile about who you are, what you like, and what exactly you are looking for as well as the photos you upload should be attractive, and appealing.

As the name suggests, these sites are aimed at people who really take the process of finding love as something serious. Thus, save yourself some trouble or wasting time by being as honest, and transparent as possible. Just two words: Be yourself!

Discover eHarmony and enjoy a great serious dating experience!

The best would be to include interesting details about you like for example how your ideal date would be, the description of your perfect man/woman or not very common hobbies.

Take some time to write about what type of love story you are looking for as in such way you will make sure that you are contacted only by those singles who are seeking the same things as you.

Sharing goals, and interests with your partner can make your relationship succeed

Have you ever asked yourself: “Is it really possible to find love in a dating site?” Serious dating platforms can really make that happen!

When both parts want the same, then they are not afraid to announce that they are actively seeking a partner to start a long-term relationship. You will see that users in these sites are pretty straightforward and that they make the most of their time in searching the person who, in the long term, can become the man or woman of their dreams!

Search right now for your perfect match! Every month you wait is an opportunity you lose!

RSVP is one of the largest dating services in Australia!

One of the key ingredients that make a couple to succeed is that both parts share interests, and have a common goal in mind. Dating websites take that into account, so for sure, it will be easier for you to find that special someone that will turn your world upside down if you describe in detail what type of love story you are looking for. Do not you want to try?

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