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A dating site is a digital platform that connects singles with each other with a very specific aim: finding love. After all, if dating sites have multiplied over the last years it is because the equation really works! If you put together singles looking to meet other singles and powerful matching tools the result is undoubtedly great!

However, there’s still a large part of the population who longs for love and even though there are many different dating sites on the market, it is not always easy to target the best dating sites in Australia. That’s why we decided to create our best Aussie dating sites raking.  We understand that there are many Aussie singles looking for love but many of you probably don’t know how to chose one dating site to sign in…

First thing you have to do, is to understand that there are many different dating sites but they don’t all offer the same service when it comes to online dating. In that line, we decided to by theme the different dating sites.


Matchmaking websites use a specific technology to offer a great value to their users. Affinity dating allows you to find the ideal partner: a great match with similar personality or even intellectual and emotional levels, thanks to their advanced matching personality tests. It is definitively the best way to quickly[...]

Mature Dating

Nowadays, building serious relationships can turn out to be difficult because it needs time and energy. Trying to divide your time between your work, your friends and your family while taking care of yourself is not really eady. That’s why dating sites are becoming more and more important in our[...]

Senior Dating

Nowadays the 50’s are the new 40’s! The old times when it was almost impossible to find a partner after your 50’s are long gone! Indeed, there are plenty of websites for mature daters, and we have tested them in order to select the Best Senior Dating sites in Australia[...]

Serious dating

Serious Dating websites appeared a few years ago with the idea of giving a hand to singles looking for love and to start a serious relationship. The dating platforms you’ll find below are intended to help you find your soul mate, to help you signing-up to the best dating sites[...]