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Zoosk Review

Last Update : February 20, 2024 by Noah

Zoosk is one of the most popular and unique Online dating sites in Australia. Its trademark Behavioural Matchmaking™ engine makes it an intelligent place to meet other singles. With 40 million users and 3 million messages daily sent, Zoosk is undoubtedly one of the must-go-to dating sites in Australia. A great dating site in which many singles have already found their meaningful relationship.

One of the greatest added values of Zoosk dating is that the website personalizes your online dating experience taking into account what you do and how you react on the dating site itself.

A great way to start meeting singles! The dating site and Zoosk app is available in over 80 countries and it has been translated into 25 different languages.

Undoubtedly a strong and very popular international dating site, Zoosk search has managed to become the number one dating app and the top 10 grossing apps in the Apple app store in 2018!

Finding the perfect match or even a great friendship has never been that easy: the more you engage on the site, the more accurate your matches will become!

Are you ready to start the Zoosk dating adventure? Register for free!

Read our Zoosk Australia Review to learn everything you need to know before signing up!

  1. Zoosk AU: How does it work?
    1. Register & login
    2. How to create your Zoosk profile
    3. Zoosk Search 
    4. Zoosk Smartpick
  2. Main features
    1. Searching and contacting matches
    2. Zoosk: the matching system
  3. Zoosk AU Prices
  4. Reliability and safety
    1. Customer service
    2. Zoosk Blog
    3. How to find singles in your city
  5. How to cancel or delete your Zoosk account
  6. Zoosk AU rating: our opinion

Zoosk: How does it work?

Step 1 – How to register & Zoosk login

It is completely free to register. You will only need to enter some personal information in order to sign up and access the website.  It is pretty quick and completely free! We really recommend you to sign up and try the website so you can have a proper feel of this dating site.

In order to sign up to Zoosk Australia, you will first have to specify if you are a man or a woman and if you’re looking for a female or a male date. Keep in mind that you will be able to modify these preferences at any point.

You will also need to enter your postcode, in order to be able to see local singles’ profiles, and to enter some personal information about yourself regarding your physical appearance, if you have kids, your level of studies and your ethnicity, among others.

You’ll also be asked to add your birthdate as well as an email address and a password. Make sure you use an email address you have access to as you’ll need to confirm your account in order to sign up. Once you receive the email confirmation, you’ll be asked to click on a link that will automatically confirm your registration and redirect you to the site so you can create your profile and start your Zoosk dating search.

Zoosk login my account:

Zoosk login is also available on mobile! Zoosk app is considered one of the best dating apps to start dating. It is also possible to register through the mobile version and then continue your dating search on desktop if you want to.

Register for free and start creating your Zoosk profile!

Step 2 – Creating your profile

Once you confirm your email address, you’ll access your profile and your subscription would be done. If it is the first time you sign up, the dating site will guide you through the process of your profile’s creation. Don’t panic: it’s very easy so people can use it as a social love network: add pictures, use the chat or messenger, etc.

In your profile, you’ll be able to modify all your information. We recommend you to complete your profile with as much detail as you can, as it will be your main tool to attract other singles. People need details! It’s helpful for a person who can’t see you otherwise than through your profile.

You’ll be able to modify your name, your age, your location and your picture as well as some “basic information” about yourself at any point. You will also see that a section called “your story” will appear. It is indeed an interesting part for you to be creative and describe yourself in the way you’d like singles to get to know you. You can change your information as often as you want and add new ones.

Added to that, you’ll also see another two sections: “Soulmate” and “ideal date” where you’ll have the opportunity to explain in as much detail as you want your romantic expectations.

Once you will have fully completed your profile, the behavioral matchmaking system will start to work, taking into consideration the way you behave and the profiles of users who have a lot of things in common with you as well as the profiles of men/women you have visited and on which you have clicked. The positive side is that you will not have to go through many profiles to find a potential date as Zoosk search is continuously updating matches to fit your love preferences. A lot of criteria determine which profiles the website shows first. It basically pairs singles with mutual interests.

Step 3 – Zoosk search: Contacting possible matches

If someone grabs your attention, you have to keep in mind that you will have to become a premium member to send him/her private messages. To get this paid membership, check our dedicated section below (or run the video).

You can use the different features such as the carousel, the search filter or the scientific matchmaking service (we describe these features more in detail below) in order to discover profiles and get in touch with possible matches.

What is Zoosk smartpick?

Another option is to choose the Smart pick: Zoosk will ask you some questions to try to define a more targeted type of profile for you. With your permission, the tool will run through the other people registered to find out potential partners just for you.

Zoosk search is very easy to use and very fun! You just need to define your ideal match and Zoosk search engine will start to do the work for you!

Discover Zoosk’s profiles and start your dating adventure!

A great choice for singles who are new in the online dating world. The site caters practically all needs: you mostly will find users looking for something serious, but also others who are in the search for a casual affair. In such a way, it is easier to find single Aussie men and women who really want the same things as you!

A very dynamic and easy-to-use dating site which will introduce you to the most interesting single’s profiles around you!

Main features

Searching and contacting potential partners

Zoosk search has developed a very complete search and messaging tools in order to create an enjoyable dating experience for its users.

Interaction is at the core of this dating site’s philosophy. As such, the more you interact, the more fun your dating experience will become. You can search and interact with other users in different ways:

  • The Carousel: you can view photos from other users and show interest in those who grab your attention. The carousel learns about you as you click in order to send you more and more relevant profiles.
  • Advanced search filters: you can enter specific criteria to look for particular users. Zoosk then shows you profiles of users who meet as much as your preferences as possible, while adjusting the search based on suggestions from its matchmaking engine. Change the filters as often as necessary until you get to know enough people to find love.
  • The Behavioural Matchmaking™ engine: the platform takes your history into account to present your potential partners. It shows users a profile every 24 hours based on the behavior of the user on the dating site. If a user “likes” somebody and gets the like back, Zoosk will make sure to introduce you both.
  • Zoosk’s Scientific Matchmaking Service™: the site finds proposes you a potential match every 24 hours. Matches will slowly become more and more accurate the more you interact with the site as the scientific Matchmaking Service will understand better your romantic expectations!

Zoosk is also behind other dating apps such as the dating App Lively which adds an extra level to the dating experience: dynamic video profiles.

Zoosk search: the Matching System

Zoosk has innovated the online dating market of algorithms and matching system. As such, the dating site has created a very fun way to approach online dating without having to complete lengthy dating questionnaires. Although you can try Zoosk dating free search, we do recommend you to check the Premium membership so you can have access to to the complete Zoosk search of profiles.

The behavior of users will be the determining factor to find potential matches: member clicks, messaging, etc Zoosk wants to personalize to the maximum the online dating experience of its users by basing it on their actions.

In that line, every time you click on a profile, you send a message, a smile, a flirt, or you simply decide to pass on a profile, Zoosk will start to make its magic happen! As people said: a complete personalized experience based on your actions!

Such is the magic behind Zoosk’s matching system and Zoosk search engine… great features! The best part is that you won’t need to go through hundreds of profiles as Zoosk will continuously send you matches. The more you’ll use and be active on the site, the more accurate the matches will become! That’s also why we think this website deserves a 5 stars rating.

Zoosk prices

What’s Zoosk cost? Can I use Zoosk for free?

Subscription Cost per month
1 Month $34.95
3 Months $24.95
6 Months $14.95

Try Zoosk for free before committing to a Premium membership!

With a Premium membership, you’ll be able to browse other singles and send messages to members that have caught your attention.

Alternatively, you can also try Zoosk for free. Many singles wonder how to find someone on Zoosk without subscribing, or how to use Zoosk without paying, or even how to chat on Zoosk with paying.

So, if you’re wondering how to send messages on Zoosk without paying, the answer is through the free trial!

Once you find someone that really matches with you, you’ll have the possibility to become a Premium member in order to use all the different Zoosk’s features to make the most of your online dating experience. You can cancel anytime, but you can’t get your money back if you’ve paid the full membership already. No refund.

Zoosk also offers a Virtual Currency that you’ll be able to purchase in order to boost your profile, or even to send virtual gifts or to use other Premium features.


Reliability and safety

Zoosk’s Support

Users’ security and privacy are a very important issue for Zoosk. This is why every profile is carefully checked before being completely visible on the platform.

Furthermore, users’ information is encrypted and the site promises that it will not be shared with third parties.

The platform includes an online help center to assist members with any kind of issue they find when using the platform.

The dating site also has created a very complete Zoosk FAQ page in which you’ll probably find the answer to all of your questions. If however, you feel that you require a more personalized help, you can always reach Zoosk Customer Support.

Zoosk Blog & Dating Advice

If you’re looking for further advice and tips about the best way to engage with other users on Zoosk or even if you’d like to read about success stories, we definitely recommend you to take a look at Zoosk Blog. You will find a complete magazine with lots of useful tips.

Zoosk Australia: how to find local singles in your city

Once you become a member of Zoosk, as you’ve read in this Zoosk review, you’ll see that the more you use this great dating site, the more matches you’ll start to have. If however, you’d like to try a more local online adventure, you should know that the dating site has also options for you to focus your search on your city.

As such, you’ll see that you’ll be able to specify your city to start your adventure os Zoosk Sydney, Zoosk Brisbane, Zoosk Adelaide, Zoosk Canberra, etc.

All you need to do is to make sure you’ve entered your postcode and that you’ve limited on the search filters your Zoosk search to a very limited distance. Enjoy!

Zoosk Cancellation: how to cancel or delete your Zoosk account?

Delete Zoosk account:

Deactivating Zoosk’s account if pretty easy. All you will need to do will be to click on your profile in the top right corner of the site. You will see a little arrow on the right which will let you choose between different options: your profile, go invisible, coins, account setting and help.

If you click on account settings you see the option “Account status”.

If you edit your account status you’ll have the option to pause your account or to deactivate it.

Zoosk will ask you to tell them why you’re leaving: you’ll have the choice between several possibilities.

Once your reason is explained, you’ll just need to confirm one last time and your account will then be deactivated.

Zoosk rating: our opinion

Pros Cons
Available in more than 20 languages

High-quality profiles

The choice to synchronize your dating profile with other social networks

Dating app for iPhone and Androids

No customer support live chat

The algorithm for the matchmaking system is very selective

Zoosk has managed to reach the number one position with its Zoosk dating app as well as it has become one of the top 100 brands in the world on Facebook.

The numbers don’t lie, it is indeed one of the strongest dating sites around the world in 2018. With more than 33 million profiles and presence in 80 different countries, Zoosk was awarded as the best dating app by Reader’s Choice Award in 2011. We have loved it too!

Zoosk dating stands out thanks to its trademark compatibility tool, making it a completely smarter place to date and meet singles.

Not only you can interact with singles with high standards from all over the country, but you can also instantly connect with many Aussies who share your same interests and values. Added to that, the site’s atmosphere is nice and welcoming overall.

By joining, you become part of a very proactive and fun community of Aussie singles looking for the exact same thing as you.

It then becomes really easy to start conversations, get to know each other and why not? Even to start to meet new people!

Zoosk is constantly updating your matches in order to adapt your experience to your romantic expectations!

Encouraging singles to socialize is one of Zoosk’s main goals. That’s why users are being offered the chance to sign up by synchronizing their dating profiles with other social networks. A really great way to guarantee that users are really genuine.

The amazing thing is that you can skip that step if you want to. The platform puts an array of tools to facilitate your dating life, it is in your hands to decide how you online date experiences go and who you want to be part of it!

Are you ready to start your Online Dating adventure?