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#Video – Dates & politics : Clinton vs Trump supporters

Last Update : February 16, 2024

The US election day is almost here and this weekend over 40 million of Americans will be preparing to vote next Tuesday… Politics will indeed be the hottest topic this weekend and if you’re thinking about planning a first date you should know that politics could be your best ally!

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According to a survey conducted by on Singles in America, a good political conversation could increase your chances of a second date by 91% in the same way that you would be more likely to start a long-term romantic stories if both of you have a shared-ideology.

Clinton and Trump’s supporters have also significantly different dating habits: while Hillary’s supporters are 43% more likely to be looking for a long-term relationship, Donald’s supporters are 116% more likely to talk about an ex on a date. 

If you have a date already planned for this weekend you should also take into account that being passionate about poolitics could increase by 32% your sex life while political apathy could be the reason of failed date: 35% of American singles wouldn’t date somenone that doesn’t have an opinion on key political issues.

In case you are not very sure of what to talk with American women on a date you should know that the number one voting interest of single American women is Equal pay for equal work.

Get ready for your date with the help of politics!