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5 signs that show you are in a healthy relationship

Last Update : September 18, 2019 by Olivia

Despite all the tips and advice that you can find on the Internet on how to build (and maintain!) a healthy relationship, the truth is that there isn’t a scientific formula to ensure it!

Having said that, there are however several signs that you should try to spot as soon as possible which will help you to gauge the state of your relationship and most importantly, it will help you prevent its decay.

Is your relationship in good shape?

1 # Honest communication

It has been said and repeated. Communication is the key to any relationship. Or even better: a good communication is a key to a healthy relationship.
To boost a good communication between you too you would need to set some bases for confidence and respect. Once those two elements are ensured, you’ll have the doors open to start honest communication.

If you start to lose honesty in both or one of the parts, that’s when a relationship starts to go on the loose. Make sure you both feel comfortable speaking to each other
The effort to create a strong bond and strong honest communication and feedback between you two will undoubtedly be highly rewarded!

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2# Take decisions together but know when to respect each others space

In every healthy relationship, important decisions are always a thing of two. Even the less important ones.
If you feel your relationship is balanced, and both you and your partner put the same effort and involvement in it, you’ll be on the right way to maintain a healthy relationship!
Although try to always make sure that you both allow some space and privacy to each other.

It is pretty easy when in a relationship you want to spend as much time as possible together. But it can be counterproductive as if you don’t allow some space, from time to time, to your partner, the relationship might start to turn into a somehow claustrophobic feeling!

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3# You have fights but you also know how to ignore some small details

Fights are, in the right measure, healthy.
Nobody’s perfect and when in a relationship, emotions tend to take advantage of us and they can put us in some angry moments in which the emotions become harder to control… which leads to an argument.

But as popular culture claims, after a fight comes the best: the makeup. Don’t you agree?
Sometimes arguments start for stupid reasons, so it is very important to learn to manage and control your emotions when the reason for an argument is just over a small thing.

A partner in a healthy relationship should know that not all the arguments are worth.

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4# There’s respect and intimacy

It sounds logical but you’d be surprised to know that it’s not always the case. Respect is a basic element in a relationship. If there’s no respect there’s no love and if there’s no love then there’s no possible romantic relationship.

Intimacy is also very important. It’s not only physical, but it also refers to the attraction, to seduce, to the butterflies in the stomach that refer to a strong connection that you could actually feel in random and different places of your body.

Where do you feel it?

5# There is confidence and he/she appreciates your defects

Last but not least, confidence is a must!

It’s actually one of the first signs that start to alert that the relationship is not in such good shape.

Confidence should be present in every single part of your relationship and it is indeed confidence, the key element to build a trustworthy environment in which you don’t have to feel that you have to hide your defects… on the contrary, you can start to embrace them, your partner might even fall in love with them…

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