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Why your friends’ relationship seems like an unachievable dream to you

Last Update : September 19, 2019 by Noah

If you’re single and you sometimes see your friend’s relationship as an unachievable dream, you’re not the only one. Apparently, it’s quite common!

You’re part of the so-called Tinder generation. What does that mean? It means that believe it or not, you’re caught between old-fashioned dating stereotypes and modern – Instagram-like – love.

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Your friend’s relationship might not be as perfect as you think

The truth is, noways, it seems that unless you publicly announce your love on social media your relationship doesn’t exist.

It doesn’t only need social approval, but it also needs to be portrayed as a spectacular one. The more pictures, the more trips, the more romantic gestures, the better everything is.

It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? And yet, that’s how it happens nowadays. 

You first become officially a couple on Facebook, you then publicly show how much you love each other with tons of pictures…but the reality is quite different.

Many studies are already showing the devastating effects of social media on self-esteem as both worlds – ie. the online and offline – don’t seem to match.

As such, in general terms, a relationship that needs of constant social approval (ie. Facebook and Instagram) and that needs to show off how much they love each other, is probably a relationship struggling from the inside. The more insecure people feel in a relationship the more they seem to try to fill that gap with a “social media showcase” of their love.

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You’re not unlucky in love, you’re just looking for your kind of love

That’s right. Why do you think you’re unlucky in love? Is it because when you meet your friends they talk about the wonders of being in a relationship? How much they love each other? How good their partner is? How romantic everything is?

If you sometimes feel healthy jealousy towards your friend’s relationships, that is quite normal. But you should question yourself if they’re really being honest about how wonderful everything seems to be, or if, -most probably – they’re just trying to convince themselves – out loud – that they’ve found the one.

THE ONE, what does it even mean? It’s a clear out-dated dating stereotype!
No wonder why people are getting more and more anxious. It’s such a pressure to have to find the one. How do you even know it your partner is the one?

There’s no way of knowing. The only way is to trust your gut and to try to look for your kind of love. 

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So, break all the dating stereotypes that are stopping you from finding the kind of love you really want.

Remember! When you think you’re the only unlucky one when it comes to love and all your friends seem to be experiencing the ultimate romantic love story, keep in mind that unless they also open up about the struggles of being in a couple, their point of view might not be 100% real.

So, own your love quest, and don’t compare!