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The journey of consciously finding love

Last Update : September 18, 2019 by Noah

Our modern lives tend to be frantic and busy. We have become kings of the multitasking and speed is at the order of every day. In such a scenario we sometimes fall in somehow « robotic » behaviours in which we don’t really take the time to analyse ourselves and our feelings.

People sometimes tend to be pushed just be impulses or wishes without actually taking the time to analyse the origin of wishes and most importantly, the effects that those wishes would have if we would manage to fulfil them.

Do you think you know how to consciously find love?

Understand how love would work for you

One of the most common mistakes that end up breaking couples is the lack of understanding from some couple how love works in their case.

Love is indeed a universal feeling that demands universal elements: loving and accepting love, caring and accepting care and many times also meeting the needs of the other person and setting clearly your needs.

However, when love is not conscious it starts to fall apart. If you are looking for love you first have to think about what do you think it would change in your life, how love would impact in your persona and most importantly what do you expect from love.

It is very important to note that even if love has more often that perhaps it should be, been mystified, the path of love is not an easy one.

You will encounter obstacles, your feelings will probably start to be a bit too dynamic and you will have to work in a team to make love strengthen.

It is exactly in those conscious actions, decisions that you and your future partner will take, that you will find the conscious journey towards a fulfilled love.

Little habits to embrace love

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Another common mistake is that think that when love has been found the journey has finished. Nothing of the sort! As we mentioned before, the journey of love is not an easy one as it demands constant maintenance. However, there are little habits that you can start to add to your daily life to consciously open your heart to the possibility of love, or to maintain your love.

# Appreciate and compliment

Sometimes we take things for granted. And the more confidence you have with someone, the less gratitude you tend to show. Appreciating even the smallest gesture is a good start. Make sure you genuinely appreciate and compliment all the little gestures that somebody is doing for you. Love without appreciation could never work.

# Be happy and make the most of the moment

The power of our mind is impressive. If you try to be alert instead of switching to the robotic mode you will quickly see how different you start to see things and how quickly you start to notice tones of details you had never seen before.

A renewed discovery of your daily life that should be done with happiness and positivism. If you are not very good with those two terms, try to smile as much as you can, our brains quickly adapt, if you work to be happy, it will probably happen.

# Avoid judgements and be aware of your toxic thoughts

Judgements are usually quite toxic thoughts rooted in subjectivity rather than reality. They are painful for both the person being judged and the person that judges.

Instead of judging, try to understand or imagine why somebody would act in such a way. If those behaviours impact in your life, then communication is the key to overcome any conflict.