Flirting Tips

Flirting is not an easy task. You need to be a seduction master if you want to win over that person who has caught your attention. Being impulsive, and charming can help you get the guy/girl of your dreams, but the most important thing is to always be yourself! Here you will find a big variety of recommendations about how approach, and get a date with someone you have met on an online dating site, but also outside the virtual world, as well as some ideas about how you can win his/her heart! The following tips can be very useful if you want to master your flirting technique, and also to learn new seduction tricks that can be put into practice when courting singles living in your area. Are you ready to win them over?

avoid disaster first date

A Dating Guide for Men: Chapter 2: How to Avoid Dating Disaster on your First Date?

Destiny plays a key in relationships. Some experts even believe that the game of love is all about numbers. In 2017, a group of mathematicians discovered that the odds of finding love on a single day is 1 in 562 if you leave it to just fate. Leaving your dating[…]

Step by step : How to meet singles

Top 5 Places to meet Singles in 2019 [The Cheat Sheet]

When it comes to agreeing on the best places to meet singles…Single people tend to have the same complaint: it is hard to meet other single people. But is it really hard? With the boom of apps and dating sites to interact and meet new friends, people are more connected[…]

easy dinner ideas romantic meal two

Easy Dinner ideas – healthy romantic meal for two

If you’ve got a date planned and you’re looking for romantic dinner ideas for two, you’ve found the perfect place. We understand that planning a date comes with a lot of stress, that’s why we’ve decided to help you out by choosing some of the best recipes for easy dinner[…]

long distance relationship

How to make a long-distance relationship work

How to make a long-distance relationship work has become nowadays one of the biggest challenges that some couples have to face. After all, we do live in quite a dynamic society which asks us sometimes to move to one place to another, and before you even realize, your relationship might[…]

Easy ways to reduce first-date nerves

First date. These two words mean a lot for active daters in the search for a long-term relationship. It is the first time you are going to meet someone who, in time, if there is chemistry and you are comfortable in each other’s company, may become your future partner. This[…]

4 signs to know if he is really into you

People use to say that it is difficult to know what really women want or that is not easy to read their signs when you are out on date, but what about men?

Rules of attraction

“Attraction is beyond our will or ideas sometimes”, declared once the famous actress, Juliette Binoche. When it comes to falling in love, there is not one simple rule that stipulates how attraction actually works. There are, however, certain traits that make people more attractive than others. In spite some singles[…]

Falling in love at first bite

It is commonly said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Food very often plays a key role when seducing your date. There is a close relation between certain ingredients, and romance.

2016 seduction rules to find love !

#1 – Learn to have fun If you want to catch your partner’s attention, smile and laugh more often! Have you ever noticed that fun people are magnetic? This works in friendship as well as in love. To connect with someone on an emotional level, the art of having fun[…]

Make you date Laugh to break the ice

Have you realized how laughter has a positive effect on people? We do! We love jokes, but we usually don’t manage to remember the jokes we were told, and it’s a shame because we could hear a funny one and try to tell it later during a date! There is[…]