Flirting Tips

Flirting is not an easy task. You need to be a seduction master if you want to win over that person who has caught your attention. Being impulsive, and charming can help you get the guy/girl of your dreams, but the most important thing is to always be yourself! Here you will find a big variety of recommendations about how approach, and get a date with someone you have met on an online dating site, but also outside the virtual world, as well as some ideas about how you can win his/her heart! The following tips can be very useful if you want to master your flirting technique, and also to learn new seduction tricks that can be put into practice when courting singles living in your area. Are you ready to win them over?

Men: what makes you truly attractive

Women are attracted to men for various reasons. Of course, ladies’ tastes are variable but some features tend to be similar. Sirs, listen carefully, some secrets intend to be revealed!

Where would you go for a killer first date?

You’ve met a great potential partner on a dating website and you really want to plan the location and/or the activity for your first « real » date. Chating or sending e-mails might be the first step in a relationship but then, one day, you’ll have to overcome your stress and finally[…]

Best dating tips

Get inspired for dating by our factsheets about singles habits.

How to plan your first date?

Have you ever had embarrassing first date moments? A first date can be really stressful and tricky, you have a few hours to seduce and determine the outcome of your relationship. Here are the best tips to plan a nice first date: