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Make you date Laugh to break the ice

Last Update : March 12, 2024

Have you realized how laughter has a positive effect on people? We do! We love jokes, but we usually don’t manage to remember the jokes we were told, and it’s a shame because we could hear a funny one and try to tell it later during a date! There is our today’s topic: make your date laugh! We will tell you why it works, and what to joke about (to make it works… hey!)

Unfortunately, it’s not coming naturally to be funny. Comedy is difficult, and making people laugh even harder! So what’s the secrets? Because, you do want to make your date laugh, to be the cool one he or she will want to be mates with, and maybe more then… Telling a joke is all an art! Actually, whatever the joke you have in mind, if you tell it the right way, it will help breaking the ice… except if it’s a dirty one, this might not work (especially on a first date). Don’t try to offend anyone by going to far, just get prepared with some jokes‘ ideas in mind. To give you an example, you should prefer to say something like „Three cats went to a bar and…“ instead of „Is your name Summer? ‘Coz you’re HOT! „ Well… depending the context, obviously!

Most of the time, your « rendez-vous » is taking place somewhere you could manage to find a way to make a comical observation. The waiter, the food you ordered or your smoothie could be your chance to say something light and funny to break the ice. Always keep the « funny » tone and never be rude!

Then, the best way to relax during a date, especially if you are not a natural joke speaker, is to make fun of yourself. This shows a lot of your personality: if you can joke about yourself, it means that you are confortable with the others, that you feel self-confident enough, without being an arrogant person. Try a little bit of self-deprecation while talking about yourself: your partner will appreciate your efforts to lighten the mood.

As laughing is contagious (this is science, yes!) don’t hesitate to try to make your date laugh, whatever the way, and push out a so deep laugh that it will hurt your ribs! Why? Because your date will probably follow your lead to relax right away and enjoy the moment even better. Laughter is our most efficient (and free) stress relief, no joke!