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The Tinder generation that has destroyed love. Are you part of it?

Last Update : March 12, 2024 by Georgia

Is Tinder worth for dating? How to find a match with the Tinder app? What’s the Tinder generation?

Who hasn’t heard of Tinder right?

The famous dating app to find local matches. Free, fun, and effective… but is it really?

Check out the quiz: are you part of the Tinder generation?

Tinder arrived with the promise of ending loneliness and helping its users to find love with a swipe, but is it really that easy?

The famous dating app is reportedly doing more damage to self-esteem and the honesty of romance than what it initially promised, to the extent that the so-called Tinder generation has been created: a generation with low self-esteem in the search of constant approval. A generation more focused on liking that flirting and respecting romance.

A new form of dating that is destroying love as we knew it. Are you part of it?

Tinder app: how does it work and why is it so popular?

how to suceed on tinder 10 tricks

Tinder revolutionized the online dating sector with a free app available for everybody with very simple functions: swipe right if you like the user, left if you don’t like.

If two users have liked each other, they are matched and they can start talking. Easy right?

However, the whole process has a very big flaw: it is just based on physical appearance. and both you and I know that appearance doesn’t make romance.

First, on the Internet, it is really easy to modify your appearance to your convenience, to the extent that your virtual persona and the real you don’t have ANYTHING in common. Scary.

On the other hand, Tinder has become more a platform to showcase egos than a tool to help single people get in touch with each other.

The result? Serious singles looking for love get their self-esteem destroyed.

But it is not you. It’s the system. 

Download here the full infographic on how to succeed on Tinder: 10 tricks

Everything in life that is free tends to be popular. But sometimes it is also important to think that if things are completely free is because sometimes, in the long run, they’re not worthy.

There’s so much more in love that just the first physical appearance…

Tinder generation: is it really destroying love and romance?

Welcome to the Tinder generation.

A generation that wants everything instantaneously.

A generation that puts more value in appearance than meaning.

The generation of entitlement. 

The antithesis of Love.

Love is a slow process, in which characteristics and values are as important, if not more, than physical appearance.

That’s how Tinder is destroying love.

This self-entitled generation has completely forgotten that love is not about you wanting something, therefore, getting it, but rather about creating connection, enjoying chemistry. Love it’s about opening your heart for the better or for the worse. But after all, love is about daring to open your heart and daring to become vulnerable.

Love is about giving opportunities and being open-minded, conscious and aware.

Love requires work and dedication.

It requires patience.

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If you want to find love, you’re probably looking for a match. For somebody that not only is attracted to you, respects you and admires you. But also for somebody that understands you, supports you, takes care of you.

Love is sharing your life with somebody that has similar values to you. Somebody you can talk with for hours and hours about important or completely irrelevant subjects.

And all of that, my friend, Tinder won’t give you.

Love goes beyond an image because you are more beyond your appearance.

Embrace it and start looking for the kind of love you want!

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QUIZ: Are you part of the Tinder generation?