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What does your dating type say about you?

Last Update : July 15, 2019 by Georgia

Yes, that’s right, having a dating type is actually a thing!

And not only that, it can be extremely helpful to understand your dating type if you’re seeking to meet somebody new.

Independently of what you might find more attractive physically speaking, it turns out, that if you analyze your exes, you’ve probably realized that they had lots of things in common (mentally and emotionally).

If you don’t believe us, try to pass our game:

[Complete the dating type test]

With every single one of your exes in mind… Check if the results tend to be similar. It can get quite creepy!

Now, that you know your potential dating type, it’s not the end of the story. It turns out that the fact that you are more attracted to a certain dating type has also lots to say about you.

In that sense, you might ask yourself: is there a perfect dating type to match with you?

The fact that you might get more attracted to a certain type can happen because you’re unconsciously searching for a certain balance in your life and your relationship, or it can simply happen because you have an unrealistic vision of love and relationships.

Is your dating type the result of your unrealistic vision of love?

We get it, it is hard to think about your dating type without falling in stereotypes.

We’ve already talked about the importance of avoiding an unrealistic romance.

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The problem is that sometimes, we tend to expect from love what we see in the movies (let’s be clear: fiction), and, in the same way, to tend to expect to find a very stereotypical dating type: pretty and clever, not too tall, not too small, romantic, but independent, but also wanting to be with me, nice, but not too nice, with friends, but not all the time…

How’s that even possible?

  • The first step to realize is that you’re not perfect, so do not expect to find perfection.
  • The second step to realize is that having a dating type is not about the looks, but rather about the psych.
  • Finally, you’re the only one that can change your unrealistic vision of love. Think of what’s really important for you, and forget a standardized kind of love. Draft yours!

Finding a great balance thanks to your dating type

There are many serious dating sites based on the “Big Five” personality traits. (Check EliteSingles for instance).

The idea is easy: to find a great like-minded match. How to do so then?

The “Big 5” personality traits take into account different variables to calculate how compatible two people can be.

The different traits are the following ones:

  1. Openness
  2. Extraversion
  3. Agreeableness
  4. Neuroticism
  5. Conscientiousness

Now that you have a clearer idea let’s see what some different dating type say about you!

Your dating type and you

There are different dating types. Actually, there’re probably thousands of them.
However, we’ve tried to classify the most common ones to help you understand better which one could be your dating type.

Let’s overview them:

#1 The Carer Type

This dating type of person tends to have a high score when it comes to agreeableness. A person you can trust, with strong morality and altruism, cooperative, modest and sympathetic. Not especially extroverted, with great openness and a high sense of dutifulness.

It can be a great dating type unless you consider yourself a free bird. It might become a bit too asphyxiating.

What does it say about you?

You tend to be a strong-minded person and very independent, however, in the privacy of your house, you like to be taken care of and you appreciate being spoiled after an exhausting day at work. You’re not especially romantic but you like the little things in love.

You’re more prone to anxiety and being vulnerable. You appreciate being with someone nice, with a strong level of modesty and sympathy. A cooperative partner is a very important requirement for you.  If you’re into this type, you probably like to share your life with somebody that will be always there for you.

carer type

#2 The Free bird Type

This dating type refers to a high score on openness: a person with imagination, with artistic interests, very emotional, adventurous, intellectual and liberal. It can also be mixed with certain traits of extroversion, especially when it comes to high levels of activity, excitement, and cheerfulness.

Unless you’re a free bird yourself as well, it can be a hard dating type to be in a relationship with as you might become a bit lonely.

What does it say about you?

You value art and imagination. You tend to like being with someone that can be extrovert. You tend to be a shy person when in new environments, although if you feel comfortable you can be fun and extrovert too.

You like humour in a partner, and excitement although sometimes you find it hard to be active. In that sense, having a very active partner is a perfect way to complement each other.

You appreciate an intellectual relationship in which you don’t have to spend 100% of your time together.

You’re fun and very loyal. You like surprises and love to be able to talk for hours with your partner.

free bird type

#3 The Dependent Type

This dating type is related to a high score in neuroticism. This kind of person tends to be more prone to anxiety, anger, depression, self-consciousness, moderation, and vulnerability.

It can be a perfect dating type for people with a high level of morality, altruism, and sympathy, however, it can become quite tiring for other people as your relationship can be very draining.

What does it say about you?

You like to be in control and you like to make decisions. You’re probably a carer yourself (at times).

You like to take care of people and to be the one in charge of situations. You’re probably a control freak at times, but you are also very sweet and nice, so people tend to really like you.

You like to feel that you have a deep connection with your partner. In that sense, you like people with a strong sense of spiritualism and meditation. However, you’re not the most patient person, which can sometimes affect negatively your relationship by becoming too bossy.

dependent type

#4 The Moody Type

This dating type is mixed between high levels of neuroticism and conscientiousness. This category describes achievement striving people who love self-discipline, caution, order, duty, and self-efficacy. They can become anxious and self-conscious at times, as well as they can be quite assertive and friendly. Dating this type of person can be exhausting and you will have to continuously support and help them to get out from their different moods.

What does it say about you?

You’re quite disorganized and don’t do much planning ahead.

You’re into drama too and you like efficacy instead of losing too much time.

Generally speaking, you’re quite a confident person and you don’t need others to constantly approve your every move.

You’re patient although you can quickly feel drained by other people’s feelings.

You’re very empathic and you love to be modest and to show love and affection. In that sense, you consider yourself a romantic person and you expect nice romantic gestures from your partner.

dating moody type


#5 The “Friends-before-the-rest” Type

This dating type scores high levels of extraversion. For this kind of partner, friendship comes first. It tends to describe friendly and gregarious people. A great dating type if you don’t want to give up on your friends, however, it can become frustrating at times the fact that your partner continuously prioritizes friends.

What does it say about you?

You are quite shy and introvert, therefore you naturally feel attracted to extrovert people. You like to talk and debate about different subjects and you especially appreciate people that can be assertive. You like to be active although you’re generally speaking quite a lazy person and you prefer to stay at home. A perfect weekend for you is to stay at home watching Netflix non-stop.

You’re into music and love to discuss different new bands with people. You can become a bit anxious and moody sometimes, but you quickly forget it when you’re with somebody cheerful.

dating the friend type

#6 The Vulnerable Type

This dating type scores high in anxiety, vulnerability, moderation, self-consciousness, and self-efficacity. It can be very romantic to be vulnerable when it comes to love, but being too vulnerable can also break the balance of a relationship. Unless you love being the carer type, it can be a hard dating type.

What does it say about you?

You’re the perfect example of the carer type. You’re an altruist and very modest and you¡ just love to show your affection and trust.

You don’t like superficial people and you expect to find meaning in every relationship in your life.

You tend to be surrounded by people with great sensitivity which can sometimes mean that you are a constant support when it comes to other people’s moods.

You also like to be really organized and self-disciplined. People describe you as a cautious person who also enjoys the occasional adventure.

You have a great connection with imaginative people because you are quite dreamy yourself.

vulnerable dating type

#7 The Orderly Type

This dating type loves order. Self-disciple, morality, trust, duty, achievement striving. This kind of relationship tends to be based on high organization and planning. If you’re not the free bird type, it can be a great dating type!

What does it say about you?

You’re very organized, you like lists, calendars, alerts, etc. There’s nothing that you enjoy more than to plan ahead.

You like a well-thought routine and you like people who follow their principles.

You don’t especially like surprises nor adventures. You thrive in organization and rules.

You also value very much honesty and trust and if those two pillars don’t exist you will quite happily end relationships.

You’re a cheerful person, moderate, and achievement-seeking.orderly dating type




Pass the test and discover your dating type!