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The ultimate guide for long-term relationships in 4 steps

Last Update : March 7, 2017

Have you ever watched an elderly couple holding hands in staring at each other with love and you’ve wondered what’s their secret ? Why all you relationships seem to sink even if you try as hard as you can to make it work?

Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore, we’ll give you the answers.

We’ve gathered the best relationship advice of long-term relationships and it turns out that these 4 keys for a long and healthy romantic relationship that we are going to introduce you to, have been the same for all romantic long love stories. Ready ?

1. Adapting to changes and embracing them

One of the main problems of relationship that don’t last is that people don’t accept changes. In a long-time relationship one of the most important things to remember is Time. Indeed, time affects every relationship. You’ve probably already read about the different phases of a relationship starting from the honeymoon phase to the routine. Your relationship will change, your partner will change and your romance will definitely change. It doesn’t really mean that it will be a negative change, it rather means that your relationship has to grow and that’s exactly why you should embrace changes. If you want your relationship to stay in a static way for long-term, then there’s no doubt : your relationship will be doomed.

2. Knowing why you are together

This might seem obvious, but it is not always easy to keep in mind on a daily basis the exact reasons why you are in a relationship. Our society is culturally constructed in a way that we are pushed to have relationships, to find love, to not being single… sometimes we fail to actually ask ourselves why we want a relationship, or why exactly we love our partner. You need to know what it is that your partner is giving you, what are the benefits of your relationship, and to remember on a daily basis why you are in your relationship. A conscious way to embrace love is a successful way to have a healthy relationship.

3. Being realistic about your relationship and your partner expectations

Another important element. We are constantly overwhelmed by romance. Our romantic views tend to be quite unrealistic. If not, you should ask yourself : do you believe in soul mate, and if so, how would you describe your soulmate ?
If you’ve concluded, you are actually living with your soulmate, we congratulate you. But if you are unsure, then it’s simple : you probably have unrealistic views of romance and relationships. Do you tend to be disappointed by your partner about romantic gestures ? Make sure you know that romance is not defined per se : you and your partner are the only ones that can actually define it for you.

4. Being able to talk about everything and to fight in a constructive way

Last but not least : arguments. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t have arguments. And even if you’ve met a couple that claims to never argue, do you think it is healthy ?
Friction becomes normal when two people live together and share their lives. They’ll be moments in which you won’t agree. And it is perfectly normal. So, once you’ve accepted it, the next step you need to take is to make sure you talk openly about everything with your partner. Even about the most painful things. It might lead to a fight, but as long as the arguments reach a solution, then you’re on the right path.