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Bad habits that can ruin your relationship

Last Update : October 25, 2018 by Alex

Nothing compares to the first weeks of a new relationship. That time spent discovering each other. It is priceless!

After some time together, however, it is easy to end up stuck in a rut, and even become annoyed with those little things that your partner makes, and before you thought it was adorable.

There are some bad habits that many couples do not notice they do, but that could really take a toll on their relationship!

Following there are some toxic habits many couples currently do, and you are recommended to avoid if you want to keep your relationship healthy, and stronger!

Avoiding fights, and lack of communication

Some couples, after spending months or years together, argue for every single detail.

Perfection does not exist in a relationship. Everyone may dream about an ideal relationship where the parts are constantly supporting each other, and there is no time for a fight.

Nevertheless, contradicting once in a while your partner, if you are sincere with your arguments, is not a bad idea.

This does not mean that you should pick a fight at the first opportunity, but to expose what your opinion is, and make sure your voice is heard, even if this means not sharing the same views with your loved one.

After all, a relationship it is all about finding a common ground!

One of the main problems for many couples is the lack of communication.

Avoiding confrontation may be positive at the beginning, but in the long term, if you want to make sure you are in a healthy, and mature relationship, the best is to learn how and when to communicate with your partner!

Trying to constantly change your partner

Being too bossy with your significant other can be very irritating! You should love your partner with his/her virtues, and imperfections, and he/she too!

If you constantly try to change his/her habits, the way he/she behaves, and put under the microscope every single thing he/she does, you can exhaust your partner’s patience!

There is nothing wrong to encourage your loved one to be a better version of himself/herself, and expecting him/her to encourage you to be it as well, but the line between this, and constantly trying to improve him/her is very thin.

The best is to support your significant other, and when there is something that you do not like about him/her, tell it, but always with a positive argument behind it!


If something can really ruin a relationship, besides infidelity, is jealousy. Expressing your feelings, and very often showing your partner that you care about him/her is one thing.

Controlling or even spying all your partner’s moves or frequently showing you are jealous when he/she goes out without you, is a completely different story.

A relationship is based on sincerity, and trust. If you are not capable of trusting what your loved one does when he/she is not around you, and worry to obsession about what he/she may be doing behind your back, then it is the moment to think if your current relationship is what you really want!

If you, and your lover stay away from these bad habits, you will be one step closer to the perfect relationship!

*Photo by Ditty_about_summer.