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Improve the love chemistry in your relationship

Last Update : August 9, 2018

Love has been incredibly idealized in our society. You are meant to find your soul mate, young, pretty, beautiful, clever, fun, capable, etc. The list goes actually on and on…

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And then you’re meant to have a great romantic story in which both of you feel love at the same time with the same intensity.

Now, let’s deconstruct this romantic vision of love and bring it to a more realistic scenario: the chemistry. That’s what you really need in a relationship. Love and romance grow with time, it develops… but what to do if you feel you’re losing your chemistry?

#The art of listening and sharing


Sometimes love is taken for granted. Once you are in a relationship, it becomes really easy to enter into the routine. Your world doesn’t evolve anymore around your partner…

That’s why if you want to improve the chemistry between you two, we would recommend you learn to listen and to share. It is very important you listen to your partner, it will create a stronger connection between you two.

Make sure you both share your day, your thoughts, your feelings, your worries, your desires.

#Make time for the two of you

We all know how hectic modern societies can be: hence how busy we always are. It is hard to make time for the two of you, we know. Between parties, work, sport, activities, duties, walking the dog…

However, chemistry is based on intimacy and if you are looking to improve your intimacy, then we strongly recommend you make an effort to make some time only for the two of you. As Bill Withers used to say: « just the two of us, we can make it if we try ».

You can spend time together anywhere: from spending a lazy afternoon in the sofa, to going together to have some drinks… make it work!

#Do activities together y take the initiative

Very related to the last recommendation… doing activities together such as cooking together, playing together or whatever you could have in mind is one of the most powerful ways of creating a stronger bond between you two and therefore increasing your chemistry.

There are as many activities as your imagination can reach… but in you engage in an activity that allows you for more intimacy, more sensations, more feelings together… then you’ve taken the right path!

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