Relationship Advice

Finding true love sometimes can be really tricky, but keeping the flame alive when you find the right person is even harder! Communication, and respect for one another are the two pillars of a long-lasting relationship. In addition, it is essential to set, and follow a series of rules in order to make your relationship healthy, and stronger. Here you will find loads of recommendations, from romantic date ideas to surprise your loved one to the usual relationship mistakes, and what to do to avoid them. These tips can be a good reference if you want to nourish your relationship, and take the most of it. What are you waiting for to put them into practice?


Improve the love chemistry in your relationship

Love has been incredibly idealized in our society. You are meant to find your soul mate, young, pretty, beautiful, clever, fun, capable, etc. The list goes actually on and on… Check out the best dating sites Australia to find a great love story! And then you’re meant to have a[…]

after breakup

What to do after a breakup?

Recovering after separation is one of the hardest things to do. After spending so much time with their partner, many people find pretty hard to picture their life without that person who was meant to be the one and only one, but who, in the end, it seemed that it[…]


The ultimate guide for long-term relationships in 4 steps

Have you ever watched an elderly couple holding hands in staring at each other with love and you’ve wondered what’s their secret ? Why all you relationships seem to sink even if you try as hard as you can to make it work? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore,[…]

Valentine’s Day is coming! – The best time to set couple goals

With Valentine’s Day almost around the corner, many couples think about creating the most romantic plan to make that special day even more memorable. February 14th undoubtedly is the best day of the year for lovers to show they care for one another. It can also be the perfect moment[…]

Signs to know if he is the right one

Since you were a kid, you have been constantly bombarded by your family, the media, and society in general, with the idea that you are destined to find a Prince Charming, and live happily ever after. Now, as an adult, reality is far from that childhood (and adolescent) fairy tale.[…]

How to avoid sabotaging your own relationship?

Love is a journey of self-discovery where, at the same time, you have to get to know all about your partner. There are many external factors that can make your dating, and romantic life to fail. However, finding the right partner, and making your relationship to work is in your[…]

Relationship & money: how to merge finances with your partner

Money has always been a big issue for couples. At the early stages of dating someone it seems that money may not be a big deal. There are situations where you could spend a little bit more than expected like for example when you buy an expensive gift to your[…]

How to stay independent in your relationship

When you are in a serious relationship, very often you find that one of you two end up being a bit clingy with the other. One of the secrets of a long-lasting, and healthy relationship is having some time to spend on your own.

Best way to make a long-distance relationship work

One of the main advantages of online dating is that you can meet like-minded singles anywhere: you can find your potential partner living in your area, in nearby cities or even in places outside Australia, but when it comes to having a serious relationship offline, distance can really take a[…]

What changes when you go from “dating” to “in a relationship”

When you take the step from dating to relationship there are a few transitions to get used to. It’s not always as straight forward as it seems getting into a serious relationship, to give you the best chance at a successful long lasting relationship we have put together some of[…]