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Men: what makes you truly attractive

Last Update : December 23, 2015

Women are attracted to men for various reasons. Of course, ladies’ tastes are variable but some features tend to be similar. Sirs, listen carefully, some secrets intend to be revealed!

– The bad boy myth is not just a theory…
– Men who look physically healthy can afford some risky behaviors… to protect their loved ones ;-)
– There are some cliché that still have an impact on how SOME women perceive SOME men, for example : many women value the earning potential of their partner… Did you think Hugh Hefner was just handsome?
– Apparently, the deeper a man’s voice is, the more sexy it sounds.
– Sirs, your sense of humor is essential! Women appreciate men who make them laugh!
– Do not mask your natural scent, women are very sensitive to it and this is not under your control: they can smell and adopt it… or not! Your body spray won’t help much…
– Arrogance doesn’t work, be brave and show humility. Don’t worry about looking vulnerable (but, you are not, indeed).

Even if you can’t work on your natural features, don’t worry, we’ll break the rules ! Find below lots of little things you can do to look instantly more attractive, are you ready to change?

– Forget your short-sleeves shirt, roll-up your long-sleeves instead!
– Only wear suits that fits your body specifications
– No white socks with classy shoes… Never!
– Don’t be too colorful, in case of doubt, try a blue-grey combo
– Cut your nails and take care of your hands, women seem to be very attentive to those details
– Are you using a face and body moisturizing cream? Well, it’s time to start!
– Control your eyebrows (but carefully), keep an eye on your ear and nose hair too…
– Use a lip balm and make sure your breath smells fresh… be prepared for a kiss, anytime!

Sirs, if you intend to improve your attractivity, now you have some tips! Good luck!