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#DatingQuestion: is masculinity in crisis when it comes to dating?

Last Update : July 11, 2019 by Zoe

Society is slowly changing, and when it comes to dating, one of the most popular dating questions is about masculinity.

Is masculinity in crisis when it comes to dating?

Dating rules are indeed changing towards a more modern kind of romance in which both men and women are starting to have the same responsibilities.

However, the question is fair. If romance was previously a duty of the man, how is masculinity affected by a more equal share of the romantic responsibilities?

And most importantly, what do we understand by masculinity when we think about love, dating, and romance?

Let’s answer all these questions!


Redefining masculinity in the modern dating arena

Romance has traditionally been a male task. When we think of traditional romance we think of red roses, chocolate, a fancy restaurant and nice presents, all of these coming from the man to the woman.A man needs to pay the bill on the first date, a man needs to spoil the woman at the beginning of the romance, and man needs to [insert your thought].

A woman from her side has to wait until she gets noticed by the man until she gets asked out by him…Indeed, a really outdated and strict version of romance, that is sadly still shown in many films.

Women, tired of waiting to get noticed have decided to take action! They don’t need to wait anymore, they don’t need red roses to feel the romance, and they don’t need to be invited to a restaurant on a first date, because, they also work and they are also economically independent.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

So why do some people feel that the masculinity is in crisis?

Changes are hard for some people, and giving up on power is especially harder.

That’s the problem with masculinity. Some people still see a difference in terms of power when it comes to masculine and feminine gender.
After all, it is interesting to note that scientifically speaking men from women have just different sex.

When we talk about gender, we are already talking about a cultural definition that comes with a box of stereotypes. Having a specific gender means having to behave in a certain way within society, and that’s the kind of masculinity that is in crisis.

A masculinity which wants to show their power when it comes to deciding, caring, loving and dating.

But the thing is that dating is a thing of two people, wouldn’t you agree? So why should the man do most of the efforts?

Masculinity is not in crisis, romance is just evolving!

Yes, that’s right. Masculinity is not in crisis, it is just evolving and we shall celebrate it!

From one side men don’t need to prove their manhood through a woman, and from the other side, women don’t need to prove their beauty waiting to be approached from a man.

A win-win situation, wouldn’t you say?

So, to sum up, if you think that masculinity is in crisis, let it be. That means that you’re talking about a kind of toxic and out-dated norm of masculinity.

There’s no one but an infinite number of masculinities, every single man can define their own.

So men, free yourself from romantic expectations! Be yourself, respect and love. That’s definitely the better kind of masculinity!

Women, don’t expect and out-dated masculinity from men, free yourself as well! You have the same voice as them, so start asking out matches!

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