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#dating question: How to know if you’re ready to date again?

Last Update : January 31, 2020 by Zoe

If you’ve recently been through a bad break-up, you’re probably wondering this very popular dating question: How can I know if I’m ready to date again?

Breakups are not an easy thing, and each situation is different. However, the initial pain of a break up goes away after some time, that’s why it’s important to know if you’re really feeling ready to date again.

The idea of dating might scare you at first but if you’re even wondering if you’re ready, it’s definitely because you think you might be ready. So let’s see!

Are you ready to date again? Check out these signs

Nobody knows you better than yourself. So the first thing you’ve got to do is to have a real talk with yourself and to spend some time gauging the idea of how you’d feel if you’d start to date again.

A little bit of anxiety is completely normal, nothing to worry! We’re here to help you determine where you’re at!

1. You don’t feel bitterness about your ex anymore

At first, you missed your ex, then you got angry, then a mix of nostalgia and anger, you felt sad, anger again and finally! You have realized that you’re not that bitter.

That my friend is a great sign!

2. You are starting to do things because you really want to do them

When you were in your relationships, you’d have freedom but not the same kind of freedom you’re experiencing (and enjoying!) right now. And you’re starting to really like it! No need to announce your plans, to run by your partner certain decisions. You do it because you just want to do it. And it feels amazing!

If you’re feeling like your gaining again the reigns of your life, and that you’re slowly starting to enjoy being in control of your decisions (and your mistakes), then it clearly means that you’re over your ex and over your relationship! Well done!

Next step: adventuring yourself to see how it feels to meet new people!

3. You’re starting to feel more open to the idea of dating again

If you go to bars and you see other people flirting and something tickles in your stomach, or if you see couples on the street and you think they look sweet, that’s a good sign that you might be getting excited again about the idea of flirting, dating, meeting somebody or just being open to any opportunity that might come up!

Keep it up!

4. You have a better idea of what you’re looking for

After your break-up, you probably felt like a fool. We’ve all been through that terrible feeling. But now, that some time has passed, you’re actually starting to feel wiser. You realized some mistakes that kind of pushed towards the end of your relationship, and you know better. You know better who you are, you know better what you want and you definitely know better what you’re really looking for.

That’s amazing! And that means that you’re ready to give another opportunity to love and dating!

5. You are starting to send some flirty looks when you go out

Now, it doesn’t mean that you’re already flirting (if you are, well done!). It just means that you’re starting to glance at people if you’re in a park, or that you realize that a cute bartender has just looked at you try to hide your smile.

You have to look at these little things. Smiles, looks…anything, even if it’s really small that shows you that not you’re not only ready to date again, but that without even knowing you’ve started flirting again.

6. You’re open to the idea of creating a dating profile

Finally, if you’ve reached this step, then it means that you’re completely ready to date again!

Joining a dating site and creating your dating profile is a very brave step to take that can actually help you to get over your break up for good.

We understand that starting to date other people can seem scary at first, but what about starting to text some potential interesting matches?

That’s not so scary, is it?

The best way to determine if you’re ready to date again is to put yourself back on the game. Chat with people on dating sites or dating apps and see how that makes you feel?

Do you feel anxious? Sad? Or do you feel a little bit excited at first?

As we said at the beginning, at the end of the day you’re the only person that truly knows if you’re ready to date again.

And if you really have no clue, then there’s not the best way of finding out the answer than to start to date again and to see how that makes you feel.

Many people trying to get over their former relationships tend to try online dating because it is not only easier to meet people but it is also less direct at first.

The moment will come when you’ll just feel it. You’ll feel that you’re bored with being sad about something that is now in the past and that the future is ahead. And the present…the present means that you should start to take action now! Good luck!

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