Online Dating Tips

For some people, flirting is a natural thing, but for most men, and women it takes time, and practice to learn how to court properly. One of the main advantages of online dating is that you can be a bit more impulsive, and you can flirt with singles who in real life you may be embarrassed to get in touch with. Undoubtedly, it is very important to bring out the adventurer in you, and why not your naughty side too, in order to succeed on your online dating. With this guide we want you to take out the most of your online dating experiences. It will also be a good read for when you want to flirt with other singles, and who knows if also make someone fall in love with you. It is time to flirt online, so what are you waiting for?

appealing dating profile photos

What are the most appealing dating profile photos?

Beauty always lies in the eyes of the beholder. However, for unknown reasons, some profiles are more attractive than others. A recent research by eHarmony revealed that Millennial singles are not as obsessed with physical attraction when it comes to dating as previous generations. But appearance has always been and[…]

dating app protect singles

Dating app to protect singles from romance criminals

The Internet has opened the doors to romance 2.0. Singles from all over the country rely on dating sites, and app to connect with each other, meet someone special, and get involved in a love story or meet in just a few clicks. Nonetheless, users’ privacy and security is still[…]

online dating addiction pastime

Online dating: addiction or pastime?

The Internet and the new technologies have shaped the way singles date nowadays. Finding a new partner no longer depends on destiny, being at the right place at the right moment, or on giving a chance to someone from your social circle who shares common views expecting to see what[…]

online dating safe

Is online dating safe?

Online dating sites have transformed the way singles initiate a romance nowadays. Connecting with other singles and finding a new partner now is a lot easier than years ago. In fact, you can meet hundreds of interesting Aussies and let the dating game roll in just a few clicks. However,[…]

Video profile: the future of online dating

Sharing videos online is an increasing trend. Every day more and more people use the Internet to view and share personal videos with others. The online dating world is not an exception. You can meet dozen singles at once in a dating site, but for many singles, the main inconvenient[…]

The pros and cons of online teen dating

People like to say that love has no age. There is the belief that people usually find their special one by the end of their twenties or beginning of their thirties, but the fact is that the dating game starts much more earlier. A lot of people have ended up[…]

The rise of online dating

Online dating services are becoming more popular every day among Australian singles who search for a life-time partner. The social stigma that surrounded the idea of looking for love online is not only disappearing gradually, but nowadays this dating option is becoming more socially acceptable. Australian singles love online dating[…]

Online dating: What not to ever write in your messages

Honesty is one of the traits that people look for the most on other singles when they join a serious dating site. Being clear, and authentic will give you more chances to succeed on your online dating, but while being straight to the point will save you time in the[…]

Online dating safety: The importance of doing a background check before going out on date

Using online dating services has become something natural to do, a daily routine for many Aussie singles looking for their significant other. Thanks to these platforms, you can easily meet lots of interesting, and like-minded unattached men, and women, and enjoy some memorable dates, until you find the right partner.[…]

Dating app for busy singles

Finding the perfect partner requires time, and a loads of patience. Nowadays, Aussies singles are too busy with work, family, friends, and hobbies that when it comes to dating, and romance, it seems that an extra 24 hours would be needed in order to find Mr. or Miss Right. The[…]