Online Dating Tips

For some people, flirting is a natural thing, but for most men, and women it takes time, and practice to learn how to court properly. One of the main advantages of online dating is that you can be a bit more impulsive, and you can flirt with singles who in real life you may be embarrassed to get in touch with. Undoubtedly, it is very important to bring out the adventurer in you, and why not your naughty side too, in order to succeed on your online dating. With this guide we want you to take out the most of your online dating experiences. It will also be a good read for when you want to flirt with other singles, and who knows if also make someone fall in love with you. It is time to flirt online, so what are you waiting for?

How to meet people with high standards

Nowadays, some people with qualifications that require years of study – lawyers, managers, doctors, scientists – are becoming more and more demanding on dating websites. That’s why EliteSingles focuses on matchmaking services, especially for people with an academic level who try to meet other singles of the same kind.

Smart dating engines to find Love

Matchmaking engines have revolutionized online business. Among the different processes to measure compatibility between people, we will today focus on Zoosk’s Behavioral Matchmaking™ system which is a unique tool to find out someone‘s best matches. Compatibility algorithms become more and more popular as it helps daters know if a potential[…]

Why seniors should try online dating

You might think that it’s too late to meet a partner over 45… and you are wrong! Lots of senior singles are currently in the same situation. Maybe they have just broken up, or their love passed on, or even they might just be tired of being alone after their[…]

Personality Matchmaking Test: how does it work?

The famous „Big five Inventory“ is a reference to all dating sites specialized in Matchmaking, such as EliteSingles, one of the Australian dating websites that uses compatibility algorithms. EliteSingles matchmaking test is based on the „big five“ model and measures the five fundamental dimensions of your personality, according to the researches[…]

6 rules to write your online dating profile

#1 Know what you want This first step is meant to set up what you will be looking for on online dating websites. Among all dating platforms, you will have to choose the most adapted one for your research. Basically, you have to know if you are interested in serious[…]

How your profile picture makes you meet more people

Everyone knows that the profile picture is one of the main feature to catch partners’ attention on dating websites, but there is a common mistake: it’s not the way you look that matters the most, but what you were doing when the photo was taken. Your attitude perceived on your[…]

How to meet online people with an academic level?

Nowadays, we are all looking for the one but it seems harder and harder to find him or her in real life but also online. With all these websites that are growing and offering you to get in touch with other singles, you can’t always assess their effiency and know[…]