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New study reveals the 3 secrets of online dating and playing out of your league is one of them.

Last Update : October 10, 2018

If you thought success in love couldn’t be measured by science, this new study might change your point of view.

Online dating has become very popular as some of the best dating sites have managed to change the lives of many singles by helping them to find a meaningful relationship.

If technology has been a great asset to find love, now science is helping singles to step up their online dating adventure.

A new study published by the journal Sciences Advances has finally made public the results of scientific investigation on the best secrets to enjoy a successful online dating experience

The 3 secrets to find love on a dating site

According to the BBC, online dating is “the third most popular means of meeting a long-term partner and around half of all 18-34-year-olds use dating apps”.

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1. Play out of your league

For the study, scientists used an algorithm inspired by Google in order to understand how singles wanted to find matches in 4 American cities: Boston, NY, Chicago and Seattle.

The findings of the study are quite interesting as they showed that the “desirability” of a profile heavily depends on the number of messages received but also on who they were received from.

Basically, as BBC explains it: “ if your messages come from people who have themselves received lots of messages, that makes you more desirable”.

2. Perseverance

Following that tip, scientist realized that a good online dating tactic is to send as many messages as you can as it will eventually pay off.

Indeed online dating can be great, but there’s no magic behind it. Yes, it is easier to meet singles and not any kind of singles, but like-minded singles, but you also have to put a bit of effort from your side.

That’s why don’t expect results straight away, but rather take the time to enjoy the whole flirting-dating-getting to know people-experience.

Send many messages, show interest, try to engage, and most importantly, be patient.

3. Keep it short and brief

| Let’s sum up |

So the recommended strategy so far is to be patient and have perseverance and to play out of your league.

According to the study, the response rate in online dating sites is not very high, especially for male singles.

However, scientists found out that 21% of singles who played out of their league and were perseverant in sending messages got a reply from a profile that was out of their league.

But you might wonder: what kind of message should I send on an online dating site?

Well, that’s the third and last secret the study discovered: keep it short at the beginning. Don’t send messages that are too long. Apparently singles tend to send longer messages to profiles that really attract them… and it’s not making any difference. Try being brief!

Dating tips to get a response from an interesting dating profile:

  • Your first message shouldn’t be longer than 40 words
  • Make sure 70% of your profile is about you and only 30% about the characteristic of your perfect match
  • Spending proper quality time with a potential match is an important element of courtship.

Now that you have the 3 secrets to successfully find your next date online, it’s time to go online!

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