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Dating after 50 – The secrets to choose your profile picture unveiled!

Last Update : March 6, 2019 by Jake

Creating a great senior dating profile can be a very fun part of your online dating experience…if you carefully choose every single element!

That’s right. As we’ve already seen, the first step once you register to any of the most popular mature dating sites is to prepare a great and attractive dating profile!

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How to stand out with your Senior Profile Picture

Shall you choose a picture in which you are smiling? Shall you actually pose for the picture or try to find one in which you’re naturally yourself?

Where to start?

There are no real answers for that. It really depends on you and what side of you you’d like to share with other users.

The best you can do is to try to find a picture in which you appear natural, preferably smiling, in which your eyes are not obstructed and also preferably an asymmetrical composition so it looks natural to the eye.

#Why smiling?

When we see other people smiling we immediately feel comfortable, it gives us more trust in the other person and it also shows kindness which is generally speaking a very attractive trait.

Also, by choosing a picture in which you’re smiling it shows that you are a confident person and that you’re positively looking to find a great and meaningful connection.

Don’t underestimate the power of a smile!

#Why your eyes shouldn’t be obstructed?

It is said that the eyes represent the door to the soul…

Same as with the smile, we tend to communicate through the eyes, and looking at the eyes of another person is perhaps the first step of a more intimate connection.

That being said, when you start chatting with somebody on a senior dating site, the only way you’ll have to know what that person looks like is through their profile picture.

Eyes can express lots of things, but most importantly, if you choose a profile picture in which your eyes are not visible, your profile won’t probably be as trusted as it would be if other users could see your eyes.

#Why should you choose an asymmetrical composition?

If you look around you you’ll probably notice that natural things are not symmetrical while things built by machines, for example, are symmetrical.

What does that really means?

It means that if you upload a picture that is too symmetrical it will seem less natural than if you’d go for an asymmetrical picture.

Asymmetry is – believe it or not – more pleasing to the human eye!

You might be wondering how to choose an “asymmetrical” picture… well, that means that instead of choosing a picture in which you’re at the center of it (and there’s nothing around), you could pick a picture in which you’re in the right side or the left side.

Dating after 50 Profile Picture: Best practices

We believe that sometimes an image is more powerful than words. Especially if we’re trying to talk about pictures!

Follow these best practices stand out with your profile picture and start your senior dating journey!

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Profile Picture: Dos & Dont’s!

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