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#3How To… Stand Out with your Profile Picture

Last Update : February 25, 2019 by Georgia

A great dating profile picture will make sure that you stand out among other singles! If you want to find love and the perfect match on online dating sites, we encourage you to follow these best practices!

Do you know if it’s better to choose indoor or outdoors pictures? Should you upload selfies or full-body pictures?

Discover the best practices to stand out with your killing profile pictures with our step-by-step guide!

First impressions count… make sure you make the best possible one!

How to choose your Dating Profile


When it comes to choosing a picture, there are three basic tips that could make a great difference:

· Flattering

Make sure you choose a picture that is flattering. It might sound pretty obvious but you’d be surprised to see how many profiles don’t choose a great profile picture!

· Genuine

Choose a flattering picture and a genuine one as well! What does that mean? Well if you edit too much your picture or if you choose a flattering picture which is not really what you’d really look like if you were to have a face-to-face date, then…you shouldn’t post that picture!

The more genuine your picture is, the better your chances will be of finding a great match!

· Recent

The more recent, the better. Some people are lucky not to physically change much over the years, but it is not always the case of everybody! The recommendation is to always choose a recent picture. Your hair might have changed, maybe now you’ve got glasses, etc. Stick to what you really look like in the present!

# Step 1 – Best Practices [Dating profile photo]

Tips for the ladies

According to a study by Zoosk, women tend to get 60% more attention with profile photos taken indoors.  In the same way, selfies seem to have a 4% increase in popularity on dating sites.

So the recommendation for the ladies would be to upload a couple of pictures: a mixture between 1 (2 max.) selfies and some pictures taken indoors.  The more natural you can look, the better it’ll be. It is true that it seems that nowadays forced poses to highlight certain angles seem to become quite a trend, however, they are not really genuine nor natural, so we highly recommend you to avoid any exaggerate pose.

Tips for men

When it comes to men, it seems that the trends go a bit differently.

Men tend to get 19% more attention if the profile photo is taken outside, but a 8% of drop of interest with a selfie.

If for women, inside picture are the favorites, for men outside pictures are what really seem to work! So get prepared, and make sure to choose nice and genuine pictures in the outside. As a recommendation, forget gym pictures or pictures in nature just showing your muscles… that’s not always the most attractive thing to see!

Instead, embrace nature and try not to fill your profile with selfies!

# Step 2 – What does really work?

FULL BODY PICTURES boost success by 203%

That’s right! Selfies seem to be the trend, but what really really works when it comes to profile pictures is fully body pictures.

So now you now! Choose a picture (or several pictures) in which you’re natural, it shows your character and preferably a smile!
Avoid pictures with animals, with friends or falling into too much narcissism (really not attractive).


Good luck!

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