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Seducing with food

Last Update : May 10, 2018

There always has been a strong connection between food, and seduction. Whether if you are in a long-term commitment, and want to spice things up with your partner or still are at the early stages of your relationship, and want to make your date fall at your feet with your cooking skills, having a romantic dinner at home -where textures, smells, flavours, and a pile of different emotions are mixed- is the best way to boost passion.

Food helps to build stronger relationships. Playing by using some aphrodisiac ingredients in, and out of the kitchen, is one of the most fun, and romantic activities for couples.

Setting the mood

The first step you would need to take is to set the ambience, and consider what kind of food you would need to use to enchant your partner.

Lighting some scented candles, playing chill out music, and scattering flower petals all over the place, should do the trick.

Presentation really counts, so make it alluring. Select in advance what meals are you going to prepare, the ingredients you are going to use, and think about how it is going to be decorated.

The idea is to eat light, and get spicy! Do not be afraid to get dirty. You can be a little bit naughty, and choose finger food, appetizers like creamy cheesy dips really are a good choice.

Definitely go for aphrodisiac ingredients like oysters, walnuts, salmon, asparagus or pomegranates, and do not forget to get a good bottle of red wine to accompany them!

Experience together

As any other seduction technique, foreplay is key. In this case, it is a good idea to invite the other part to get involved while you are cooking. Pleasure often comes from the process of preparing your romantic meal rather than eating it.

Food, love, and sex are connected; they all enhance your emotional activities in the limbic system of your brain.

This is why certain ingredients play an essential role when it comes to boosting sensuality. Keep in mind that it is not only about taste, other senses are involved as well.

The art of seducing with food expands to other territories like ingredients’ textures, smells, or even shapes, and sizes.

A good idea is to do some research about your partner’s food history, and choose the ones the ones he/she loves the most.

However, undoubtedly the best is to experiment with him/her. Do not rush things up. Take your time to savour, and, at the same time, entice with each, and every of your culinary delights.

When choosing what type of snacks, and how, and when you are going to use them, keep your goal in mind, which is to completely seduce your date/lover, but also to make it a so memorable night that it will serve as a point of reference for future romantic evenings together.

Take into account that aphrodisiacs have many stimulating properties. Some of them are good to ignite desire, others to boost testosterone, and others to increase performance, and your sexual drive.

Tempting dessert

Remember that the best is always saved for the last! Thus, to complete your passion-boosting meal, the best is to go for a dessert that is, quite literally, the icing of the cake.

This is your last step to sweeten the evening, and make your date/lover completely fall for you so think twice when deciding about what could be the perfect last course.

The idea is tempting your partner with a mouthwatering dessert involving something sweet, creamy or tropical-inspired.

You can go for some natural revitalizers, like fruit cocktails made with bananas, watermelon or coconuts for example.

Do not forget that chocolate-based desserts are the definitive courtship treats, so do not hesitate to take out your luscious side, and play a little bit with it. This is for sure one of the best ways to make your night an unforgettable one!

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