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Food seduction: entice with spices

Last Update : May 10, 2018

Food is one of the basic elements human beings need in order to survive. But food is also a lot more than that ! Choosing very carefully the food you eat, can boost your health and endurance on very specific body functions.

As such, seducing with food is a wonderful activity that will not only impact on your chances of success but it will also create a higher predisposition for romance from your date (while increasing your health!)

Our modern responsibilities have often put so much weigh on our shoulders that we often forget to take proper time to embrace patience, calm and sexual arousing. In our modernity speed is the king. Which actually might mean that your sex drive is probably in poor health due to stress.
Spices are a great way to boost your routine and increase sexual drive.

Spice up your life

A big part of a relationship relies on the physical and sensual intimacy. Funny enough this represent a part that we often forget once we are in a long-term relationship.

Work, stress and responsibilities start to be prioritised. If you want to put a brake and take your life in a calmer, renewed way, we invite you to welcome spices into your kitchen.

There are lots of different spices that can be used, consciously, to tackle different issues. We will sum up some of the most important and effective ones to wisely seduce with food.

If you are looking to improve blood flow and safely increase the heart rate of your date (to create a more romantic and seducing environment), we recommend the use of fresh basil and ground cardamon.
To raise body temperature, cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander, chili peppers and ginger are the best allies. By heating up a bit both of your bodies, you will naturally increase the sex drive of both you and your partner.
It is in that line that saffron and garlic have been crown as the kings to boost sex drive and stamina. Add to this a bottle of wine and relaxing music and you’ll be irresistible!
Chocolate has always been known as a great booster of the libido as it produces a chemical dopamine that releases the same chemicals the body releases during an orgasm.
However almond and specially its scent is a less known natural source to increase the attraction, that should however be taken into consideration.

The winners : saffron and ginseng

It has been scientifically proven that saffron and ginseng are the best partners for a romantic evening as they strongly increase sex drive in a natural way.
Saffron is a spice produced from the dried stigmas of the Crocus sativus flower, very typical from the Spanish, Italian and Indian cuisine.
Ginseng on the other side, is a very healthy and powerfull root renown for its benefits on memory and stamina.
According to a study done by the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada,  whilst certain spices like saffron and gingseng are strong natural stamina enhancers, wine appears to have a more subtle and psychological effect rather than a physical boost.

Natural products to boost sensuality are starting to be taken seriously as the drugs that have been commercialised for years are now starting to show their down sides.

In that line, scientists have recommended to consume saffron and ginseng to boost sexual life. By adding those two ingredients (or one at a time) to a recipe you will be building a very romantic atmosphere.

These 2 sexy spices are undoubtedly your best friends to help you entice your date.
If you want to spice up your date, don’t forget those two libido boosting ingredients !

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