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Seducing through senses : activate them !

Last Update : May 10, 2018

Once you enter into the universe of seduction, you discover a new power in you. Seduction can be an exciting experience if you are open-minded and willing to open your heart and your senses. After all seduction is closely related to your senses and feelings. Whether you are dating or in a relationship, your senses are at the center of your romantic experience. The smell, the touch, the sight…romance makes our feel more human by connecting with our own body and mind. In that sense, there’s been an increase lately of romantic activities focused on awakening all your senses in order to nurture romance and seduction.

Activating your senses to welcome romance

Romantic chemistry is a deep and strong experience of connection with another person. We have all of us experience it at some point… and romantic chemistry is noticeable through your senses. Attraction starts in our brain and it is our brain that sends signals to our body when we find a potential partner. Sometimes when we think of dating, we tend to forget to appreciate all our physical reactions and we tend to focus more on the passionate expectation.
However, when we meet somebody for the first time, our brain and our senses start to work on full mode. We strongly recommend you to start to pay more attention to the reactions of your body and your senses when you meet somebody for the first time or when you start dating somebody.
All our senses enter into action : the hearing has a strong impact into seduction and attraction. The voice of your potential partner, how he/she speaks, the sound of his/her laugh…certain voices can make our feel calm, others excited, others very interested…
Then comes the sight and the touch : obviousy beauty is rather subjective and as such, the first step towards seduction or attraction will undoubtedly be the sight. When you meet somebody the touch can also have a very strong role. Did you feel goosebumps when you shaked your hands together ? If your hands or arms are really close together but not touching, do you feel the short distance between your skins ?
Finally the smell and the taste : two strongly related senses.The power of smell in romance is incredibly powerful. The smell has a direct relation with attraction and smell can have a direct effect as well on your attitude towards your date. You might feel extremely safe, you might feel excited, you might feel romantic.

The power of pheromones in love : The scent of attraction

As human beings we cannot forget that we are primal beings and as such smell and scent play a key role in our dating habits.
That’s exactly where pheromones enter into action. Pheromones are natural substances that our body excretes externally to the air with the aim of triggering a reaction into people of your same species.
It is actually said that that scent of pheromones awakes our more primal source and tends to make us feel more attracted to people that would complement better our DNA when procreating.
These pheromones are also called sex pheromones have a direct effect on ours sex drive.
Smells can definitely attract !
Even if our senses play a very important role in romance and attraction, we have completely forgot them. With our increasing technological lives, we tend to forget to connect with ourselves and connect to our bodies.
That is why we believe it is very important taking into account senses if you want to have succesful datin experiences.
Discover the smell of love while you connect with your body and with your date !

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