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Create opportunities to make new friends

Last Update : May 10, 2018

Friendship is not built overnight. It takes time, patience, listening, complicity, shared experience and many other factors. Nevertheless, the basis of a good friendship inevitably remains the same: it starts with an encounter! To achieve results, it is important to create action! As in love, some people will not like you no matter what you do, while others will like you instantly. You cannot please everyone! As in love, do not be too demanding and appreciate people just as they are rather than trying to change them. As in love, you can find out about your potential partner online by joining a friendship dating site. As in love, the first virtual contact can then lead to a real encounter and can be the birth of a beautiful friendship…

To socialise: go out!

It may seem obvious that the best way to meet people is to actually venture outside and start talking to other people and a new friend might be right under your nose… But there are many people who are discouraged from going out to drink ‘only’ to drink! Leaving home, going out into the world and joining a social group, taking part in team sports, learning how to dance, studying a foreign language: there is a wide range of opportunities for socialising in real life! All you really need is a good dose of motivation and a small amount of confidence.

The shyest and most lonely people are those who do not dare to take the plunge in the real world. However, it is possible for them to increase their chances of friendship by building a social network with other cool people on the Internet via friendship dating sites.

Share your interests with other people

A website dedicated to friendship is first and foremost a place of exchange and sharing where a large number of men and women who want to break their isolation can meet other people that they have shared interests with. In order to get in contact with other people, your profile must reflect your hobbies and interests. Do you like cooking, DIY and gardening? You are probably not alone. Do you love football and support a particular team? You can find other members of the same fan club online. One tip you must follow: take action!

Take action and find new friends online

Very often, whether online or in real life, it takes a little spontaneity and impulsiveness to transform a situation and turn it into an opportunity to make new friends. If you enjoy exercising or take acting classes with a group of people, what is preventing you from offering your group a drink after you finish your workout? You can also suggest an after work drink with your colleagues to create a more relaxed atmosphere and get to know them better!

During a chat on a friendship dating website, you should apply the same approach. If you are discussing the latest film by Spielberg, why not suggest a common outlet to talk in person and why not go to see the next film in the cinema together? It does not take much to do, but few people dare to do this for fear of rejection or of looking stupid.

Enhance your potential for understanding and compassion

We will not lie: for every 15 or 20 people that you will ask to meet you, perhaps only half will respond and then finally just one or two will form a concrete friendship with you. But does that mean it is not worth trying? Do not take offense, in love just as in friendship, tastes and colours do not effect more than the alchemy that can work together, or not, in a duet. Sometimes your new friendships can lead to a beautiful partnership, or perhaps even more.

We must take time to distinguish the simple relationships of future friendships, keep smiling and maintain the desire to reach out to other people. You will stimulate more opportunities for meetings, whether on the Internet, at work or at the post office, the better your chances to build up a solid network of knowledge and turn a meeting into a lasting friendship.

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