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How to Seduce a Friend

Last Update : May 10, 2018

Truthfully, our first advice would be to never fall in love with a friend, but life in general is not usually that straightforward. If romantic feelings develop and are urging you to throw caution to the wind and get things moving, and you feel that you cannot wait to consolidate your friendship, be aware that you run the risk of hearing the dreaded “I do not want to spoil this beautiful friendship between us”, although the friendship is no longer platonically friendly where you are concerned. A friendship can turn into love but one must still accept the risk of irreversibly transforming the relationship. Some friendship encounters can indeed become beautiful love stories, so it seems useful to give you some tips on how to seduce a friend if you have fallen in love with her…

Flirt with a friend: get out of the friend-zone

Admittedly targeting a friend, that is to say, a person in your friendship circle who already knows you well: it’s the easy way! The proximity and the complicity between you can be elements that will enable you to achieve success more quickly, or not …

If you are obviously regarded as a trusted confidant, this is a good starting point. Identify the complaints she makes about her ex, and maybe use them to draw positive comparisons with you … for example, “that was not nice, I wouldn’t do that …”: bonus!

If your friend has already insinuated her incomprehension at your celibacy (implying the quality of product on the market, that is to say: you) but has not so far made a move on you, it’s a good sign, but the challenge is far from over because all these qualities put you in the positions of “super” buddy, the “poet”, or worst of all, the “best friend”. You remain special in her eyes but she is not interested in you sexually at all; this is a real problem!

How to change the way your friend sees you

One approach is to make your self less available to her needs so that she misses you and feels the lack of your presence. Don’t answer her calls on the first ring any more and generally do what you want. The key to seducing an old friend is to become an added value in his or her life.

Meanwhile, you need to develop a sense of mystery because your friend thinks she already knows everything about you. Prove the contrary, and let her know that certain aspects of your personality are still waiting to be discovered, such as new passions, different areas of interests, new friends, etc. In short, you should implement a change in your present sense of self and let your friend experience the new “you”: one that is seductive and will become not a best friend, but rather the boyfriend.

Count on Jealousy

In this case, jealousy is a major asset on which to build, because your friend already sees herself as your best friend and probably wants to keep this place in your heart. If she sees you palling around with other girls, she will almost inevitably feel jealous. Your friends are real competitors and would be prepared to do battle to remain the number one, the one that you are most interested in.

Use your mates to ‘big up’ your assets, including the countless qualities of the new “you” that she does not know so well. This tactic will have the advantage of stirring her curiosity. Encourage your friends to talk and argue about how any girl that goes out with you will be the luckiest in the world. The ball will then be in your court, and the stage will be set for you to take things in hand and ask her out on a date.

Customize your seduction techniques: you already know what would make her happy

She is terribly romantic and her ex (that idiot) never offered her flowers? You know she is a thrill-seeker, but has never had the chance to jump in free fall? You know these things and, therefore, have all the cards in hand to make her happy.

However, you must get out of the friend-zone to establish the pillars of a new relationship. If you often go to the cinema every two weeks, do not choose this for the location of your first date. If you eat at Japanese restaurants all the time, change the cuisine!
On the other hand, you could direct all your time and energy into developing your relationship. She has confidence in you, and you in her, you never know, she may surprise you and you might not need to seduce her!

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