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Friendship encounter

Last Update : May 10, 2018

Surrounding yourself with friends is definitely one of the most rewarding experiences a human being can enjoy. This is why some dating sites focus on friendships, rather than on the search for love. A friend is someone who you can confide in, who you can count on, and with whom you can discover the world. A friend is that special person who will be there for you in times of hardship, but who will also be at your side every day, sharing all of life’s little pleasures. On top of this, having friends brings a very strong chance of getting more: friends will have their own circle of acquaintances, allowing you, by extension, to expand your own social circle. Friends are, by definition, dating resources.

Forming a network of friends

Your career opportunities, your lifestyle choices, your social life and your love life are elements which are determined by your network of friends. To put it simply, having friends as part of a rich social network is guaranteed to bring you a life that is both more exciting and infinitely richer than staying alone and hiding in a corner…

But how can you build bridges of friendship if you are shy? Or away from your home town? Or after going through a breakup or redundancy? The fact is that we can all experience social isolation at one time or another, which is why friendship dating networks have appeared on the web! To find the best friendship dating sites and make friends on the Internet, all you need is a few clicks with a mouse and a healthy dose of motivation!

Finding the right friendship dating site

With the world’s largest virtual communication network (that’s “the Internet”, for those of you cut off from modern life), it is now possible to maintain contacts and avoid isolation with ease, though it is still necessary to know how to go about it and how to get started!

We took a look at online chat sites to see whether using those platforms could lead to building strong and enduring friendships. Extending your circle of acquaintances is one thing, but creating lasting friendships is another! So we took a little time to identify the factors behind successful serious friendships. There’s a clue there: time!

Friendships are fed by memories, and those are things that are built in the real world, not on paper. The Internet plays a vital role in making contact in the first place, but after that it rather depends on your level of involvement in the relationship.

Learning how to make friends

Knowing how to make the first contact while still being true to yourself is essential. People around you should be able to appreciate you for what you are. In love, we don’t make progress by being identical to each other, and the same applies to friendship. There are those who know how to handle it and who enjoy an easy popularity as a result, while others suffer from a certain amount of isolation and find it harder to open up to others.

Get out of the house, have a chat with your neighbours, exchange a few words with your manager or even three sentences with your other colleagues on Monday mornings: to make acquaintances just so that you can enjoy these simple pleasures is a good start, but it is not enough to turn those acquaintances into friendship. Our information on friendship dates should help identify the levers that will allow you to find new people and enjoy a long friendship together.

  • Learn to make friends while maintaining your own personality: this is very important. There are those who know how to make new friends naturally, while others may suffer from feelings of isolation and find it difficult to open up to others.
  • You are a unique person, and whether your approach is a sophisticated one or something a bit shyer, you do not have any less to offer to new friends, and can therefore turn an acquaintance into a friendship.
  • Are friendship chat sites really effective tools to find new friends on the web? We investigated!
  • Feelings are sometimes complex and frienship can evolve throught more intimate feelings, therefore you will need to know how to seduce a friend.

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