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Can later loves be better than First Loves?

Last Update : May 6, 2019 by Olivia

First loves are known for being strong forces dictating the beating of our hearts.

A kind of love that perhaps due to its novelty, it’s vigorous and influential. A kind of love that we hardly forget and that probably made us significantly suffer when it ended.

Have you ever thought that your first love might just be opening the door to a more mature and joyful love?

That’s right! In Best Dating sites we embrace giving love second chances (and third, fourth…)

Debunking the SoulMate theory: Aristophanes’ myth

If you are familiar with Plato’s Symposium, you’ve probably already read about the myth in which « once upon a time there were three kinds of human beings »on earth.

Men descended from the sun, female descended from the earth and the androgynous, with both female and male elements, descended from the moon.

Zeus cut the androgynous human beings into two… and from that point, the unstoppable quest for their other half started.

The other half, the soul mate, your significant other... there are several names related to this social phenomenon that has been accompanying us along most of the recent history.

Is there really a soul mate? And most importantly, what is a soul mate? Based on which criteria?

Soul mate’s theories have normally pushed us towards unrealistic love stories which due to the lack of maturity or connection to reality, have ended up breaking our soft hearts.

On the contrary to Aristophanes’s myth, we are fully grown female or male human beings, and it is indeed in individual maturity together with a « couple’s maturity » that lies the keys to a successful relationship.

Experience, empathy, and maturity.

Have you reached them?

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Love, Happiness, and REALITY

According to a recent British poll, the happiest period for human beings tends to be around the age of 40 years old. It is thought that around the forties people can actually enjoy more their romantic and sexual relationships.

The experts support this claim by stating that experience of past relationships, acquired maturity counteracting with the intensity of youth, a renewed vision of life and a better control of the feelings might be the reasons of this enjoyable time.

No wonder why dating sites for 40-years-old and over are becoming so popular!

People are aware of their full potential, they just need a little bit of help to get to know other people.

The rest is just putting together your experience, your empathy, and your maturity to start a pleasant love story.

What are you waiting for?