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#7-How To… Look for Online Dating Matches

Last Update : May 20, 2019 by Jake

You are about to start your online dating experience! But how to look for Online Dating Matches? Don’t worry. We’ll give you the best tips to make the most of your online Dating Experience!

You’ve already created your profile, chose the best profile picture and you feel ready to start actively looking for love…

Follow our mini-guide to learn all the tips you need to successfully find your perfect match!

Start finding matches!

Make a Romantic Wishlist

Before you even start to look for a match, there’s a very important previous step you should do if you want to be successful… developing a strategy to look for a match!

How does this work?

It’s pretty simple…Basically what you should do is to create a list with the answers to a single question:

What are you looking for?

That’s right! Think about what “being a perfect match” means to you a create a list with the most important elements.

Step 1 When it comes to finding love…Prioritize!

Once you’ve done your list: prioritize characteristic traits!

What does that mean?

Once you’ve done your list, think of which characteristic traits or which elements are the most important for you and prioritize them.

Once you’ve done that you can develop a scoring system for the different profiles that have caught your attention.

Check the explanation in the video!

Step 2: Use filters

There are different types of interesting filters you can use to increase your chances of finding a match. We have, however, chosen below the 4 most important filters you should definitely use when online dating:

  1. Filters for location: a very important filter to make sure you meet local profiles (or if you’re planning to travel soon!)
  2. Filters for online activity: sometimes it’s more interesting to only look for profiles that are online at the same time as you. The aim? so you guys can’t talk and message each other without having to wait…
  3. Filter by picture: as a general rule, if a profile doesn’t have a picture, it’s not a good sign. Do always make sure you also check profiles by picture. Pictures will give you a quick understanding of how that person is, what they like, etc.
  4. Filter by preferences: this is a very interesting filter. Are you into a match that doesn’t smoke? Someone with tattoos? Without? You name it and filter it!

Step 3: How to read a profile?

First, check the profile picture and description, then think about your compatibility

As easy as that.

If you actually want to go a bit further there are other signs that you could also look for: is there some humor in the pictures or in the description? Are they being clear about what they want or who they are? Does it seem attractive to you?

Do you think you’d have things in common?

There’s so much information in an online dating profile!

But remember, the key is to select only a few profiles so you can properly focus. Don’t try to contact every singles profile as in the long run it won’t work!