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#5-How To… Write your Dating Profile Description

Last Update : April 18, 2019 by Georgia

Your profile description should be unique and creative… it’s not always easy to write, but singles will gauge their interest based on your description!

A very important element that you should master in order to increase your chances of finding a match!

Check out how to write an amazing Dating profile description with our step-by-step guide!

So let’s start to draft it, we will be by your side. Follow our 4 steps to create a killing profile!

The elements of a great Dating Profile Description

A great headline

To be exciting

Not to brag

That’s right!
If you think about what catches user’s attention when checking profiles, it’s definitely the headline! (other than the profile picture of course).

Having a great headline is basic. Like with most of the things on the Internet, people won’t spend too much time on your profile unless you manage to quickly attract it!

Think about your headline…it should be something that represents you. The possibilities are wide…

Try not to be too serious, but rather, try to create an exciting dating profile description!

How do you do that?

Well, you’ve got to find the middle line between a boring and serious description to an over-the-top one where you’re just bragging. That’s never attractive!

Step 1 – A snapshot of yourself

As we mentioned previously, try to be creative! If you’re just repeating the same thing other profiles are saying…well, let’s say that your chances of meeting a great match might decrease.

So, my friend, this is the time for creativity!

In your description profile, you should write about your interests. 

What might make you attractive to someone? Are you both lovers of jazz music? Are you both into adventurous sports? Or perhaps you simply enjoy long walks…

Try to write a unique description that talks about YOU.

Although, you should keep in mind that even if you’re writing about yourself, you should be careful not to use too many “I” s. Not attractive at all, and it might actually end up sound too self-centered…

Basically, the tip here is that if you want to stand out from the crowd, you should avoid using clichés.

You’re unique. We are all unique. Make sure you describe…yourself!

Step 2 – What are you looking for?

A match. Obviously.

Love, a partner, a friend, a meaningful relationship. We get it. But that’s not really what we’re really asking you here…

In your dating profile description, it is also very important to describe your ideal match.

So you should really think how would be the lucky one?

Are you looking for someone with a pinch of charisma and lots of romanticism?
Or are you rather looking for an adventurer’s heart?

Users might feel identified and then…JACKPOT!

Step 3-  Types of profiles

There are many different types of profiles on dating sites. However, we’ve identified 3 main types that seem to really work:

  1. Adventurous & confident
  2. Self-deprecating and funny
  3. Intelligent and witty

Choose yours and showcase your personality!

Some tips before finishing…

Use adjectives and try to create a very exciting dating profile! This is not the time to be boring!

Stay away from typos and grammar mistakes but most important avoid stereotypes at all costs!

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