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#8-How To… Write the 1st Message on a Dating Site

Last Update : June 5, 2019 by Georgia

Everything is ready!

You’ve already created your profile, you’ve been looking at some nice profiles around you and you’ve managed to select the one you really like.

Everything is very exciting but somehow you don’t really know how to write the first message on a dating site?

Follow our 3 steps-guide and make the best of online dating!

How does it work? How should you start?

Don’t worry, in our new video How To Dating guide, we will give you the best tips to make the best of your online dating adventure

How to write the first message on a dating site – Guide

Writing the first message shouldn’t be a scary thing! On the contrary, it might be the beginning of a beautiful story. But how to do it?

Before even considering writing the first message to a match there are two essential questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Is that profile really a match? are you compatible?
  2. Have you read the whole profile?

Many people start randomly chatting with other users without even taking the time to read the information written on the profile. That’s a huge mistake!

It shows a lack of respect for the effort the other person has put on trying to describe themselves.

Instead, if you read their information and feel that there’s compatibility, you’ll see how natural it becomes to start chatting with each other!

#Step 1 – The Opening Line

You’ve read your match profile and you definitely feel you are compatible, so what now?

How to start?

If you want to have a positive impact from the beginning here are some basic rules:

  • Avoid pick up lines. It’s not original and it doesn’t show a real interest in a person.
  • Try instead:  using opening lines.

If there’s a huge stereotype that (let’s be honest) has never worked it’s definitely pick up lines. So avoid them at all costs!

# Step 2 – How to choose an opening line

The best opening line has to be simple and direct.

But most importantly! Be always engaging! A good tip is to make comments or discuss something she or he has written on his/her profile.

Humor is always a nice tool to break the ice and if you’d like to compliment make sure you make it personal! Tailored-compliments are a great tool to flirt!

# Step 3 – Absorb the profile’s information

As we already said in step 1, it is really important to read the information on your match’s profile. That’s where you’ll find inspiration to start a conversation.

Talk about the things you have or might have in common, as well as about the things that have caught your attention.

You’ll see how easily you start maintaining a very interesting conversation!