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#Video – Dating overseas: how does it work in the United States?

Last Update : May 8, 2024

Social networks, and sites dedicated to create romance online have considerably change the dating scene in the past years.

Nowadays, many Aussie singles prefer to use serious dating sites, instead of relying on offline dating, to find a potential partner, but how does the dating culture work overseas, in particular the United States?

Americans have always been leading tendencies when it comes to the dating industry.

We have carried a study about how relationships, dating, and seduction currently works in the US.

The results can been seen in this infographic.

Online romance, as seen in the video below, is very popular, and an increasing tendency.

Americans are addicted to dating

Currently, 44% of people living in the US are singles, particularly in Washington, Idaho, and New York. Moreover, those unattached men, and women are seeking their ideal partner actively.

Nothing less than 40 million Americans have been considered as really being into dating. Many singles still find love offline, especially at work or through their social circles.

The use of online platforms to search for the significant other has risen in recent years. Nowadays, 35% of couples meet on the Internet, mainly through dating websites like or eHarmony, social networks, and chat rooms.

Americans love breaking up digitally

The Internet is a fantastic unlimited source to make new friends, and connect with other singles looking for a casual date or a serious relationship, but it has also become a powerful tool for when it comes to breakups.

In spite, a vast majority of Americans believe that splitting up with someone through digital devices/online platforms is not the appropriate method -many of them think it is too impersonal- an impressive 56% of people confessed that at some point they have interrupted a relationship by SMS, emails or social networks.

All in all, it seems that new technologies, and online sites for romance, currently play a huge role in the love life of the average American.