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Seduction with a look

Last Update : May 10, 2018

Holding a glance, conveying emotions, sending messages: it’s all an art form – knowing the way to handle eye contact with finesse and style. Meeting the eye of strangers happens every day, but when we think of eye contact, we think of catching the eye of someone in particular, on more than one occasion and with a specific goal in mind. We are going to share with you our best seduction tips for singles who wish to optimise their pulling techniques. Mastering body language is a wonderful asset in helping you seduce your chosen conquests!

What is eye contact?

She looks at you, you ignore it. You shoot her a glance, she turns her back then you sneak another crafty peek. Your eyes meet and you smile then she turns her head again as you keep hoping she makes eye contact again: the game of seduction is afoot and it can last for hours!

Your look lets you show your interest in someone. It sends a signal. For a connection to take place, it is vital that the other person returns that signal. If she ignores it, that’s the sign that she’s just not that into you.

The importance of non-verbal language in seduction

A look can seduce, but there’s more to it than that – it is also to get a response. For example, when a person has a tendency to avoid your glance, it’s because she doesn’t place a priority on getting to know you.

A look also lets you analyse the integrity of the object of your interest. When a person looks straight into your eyes when talking to you, unless they have undergone intensive training (like sales people, for example), there is a big possibility that what they say will be frank and reliable. On the other hand, people who avoid your eyes when talking to you do not inspire confidence.

A strong look is also a sign of confidence and can even be used as a weapon! During a confrontation, the one that looks away first is considered to be the weaker of the two.

A connection tool for single people

For eye contact to work as a way of connecting with others, you must have a strong, steady look. In fact, if you have a fleeting look, it will not work. The goal of the look is to make the other person aware of you without freaking them out. This is why we consider it essential to moderate the intensity of your stare! If it’s too full-on, you’ll disturb the person you’re looking at, and you might find yourself in a spot of bother!

Eye contact doesn’t close the deal of seduction on its own, but allows you to initiate contact with someone so you can get talking to them down the line. It’s truly a game that can be played at numerous stages of the seduction process: when you’re on a first date, for example, or when you’re looking forward to getting intimate for the first time.

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