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Guys: let’s play the seduction game

Last Update : May 10, 2018

Natural charm isn’t something everyone gets. Unless you’re lucky enough to be a dead ringer for Bradley Cooper, girls are unlikely to be throwing themselves at your feet, or begging you to take them out. Basically, you’re just a regular guy – not a chiselled supermodel or hideously ugly, just a normal man, like 90% of all the guys out there. What you have got is that “something” factor, which is unique to you. You may not be James Bond, so being able to attract the ladies will take a little practice and a lot of confidence, but you can conquer your fear and achieve your goal. Read through our seduction tips and learn a few useful skills to get those ladies lining up for a date, whatever your personality or type.

The basics of seduction

It’s important to remember that every woman is unique, so what works for one will automatically work on another. There are some universal truths though – women love to see confident masculine qualities, and an understanding that seduction is something which needs to happen in stages.

To really get the ladies’ attention and be considered as someone to take things further with, make sure you’re showing self-confidence, a sense of humour, and your best social skills. This kind of approach will really demonstrate to her that you’re someone who can look after her, protect her, and will be someone she’ll be proud to be seen with.

When it comes to flirting, it’s best to start with a subtle approach. Charging straight in with a cheesy chat up line will never end well, so take some time to decipher the signals your lady is giving you, and see if she’s ready to move things up a notch. Going straight in with something other than a simple introduction will be seen as something incredibly over the top, so start slowly and take it from there.

Begin by showing a bit of initiative. Make the best of your best features – your personality, your energy and your sense of humour will show her that you’re not like the other guys, and you deserve her attention. Make it clear that you’re a good guy.

Seduction: a game of challenges

It might help if you consider the art of seduction as a game. At the start of the game, you’ve probably got a good enough idea of how you come across to other people (How they view your attitude, your appearance and your charisma), your maturity and intelligence level, and your social confidence. Now it’s time to try to understand the other player – the lady you’d like to get to know. You’ve got to work out how to put her at ease, gain her trust, and seduce her.

Try to tune up your skills, too. Be open minded, and prepare to talk about all sorts of subjects. Show empathy to show her that you understand what she’s talking about, express your masculinity (women love real men) and develop your confidence.

Be careful of having preconceptions and making judgements. Remember the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? That applies to getting to know ladies, too. Don’t discard a new brunette friend just because you’ve only gone for blondes in the past. Don’t give up on a potential date because you don’t like what they’re wearing. You may be missing out on your perfect match by closing the door before it’s even opened.

Essentially, when you start this game of seduction, you’re only ever going to finish it having gained in one way or another. You’ll either have won over a girl and be on your way to a date, or learned something about how to improve your game skills the next time around. To win this game, you’ve got to face your fears and get out there. There will be people who play dirty, sore losers and cheats, but if you follow those helpful tips, you’ll be the champion before you know it.

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