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How to stay independent in your relationship

Last Update : September 9, 2019 by Aya

When you are in a serious relationship, very often you find that one of you two end up being a bit clingy. Does it sound familiar?

One of the secrets of a long-lasting healthy relationship is having some time to spend on your own.

Sharing moments with your partner is important for your relationship success, but being independent is as equally vital.

Here are a few tips to make your relationship grow stronger by giving you some space to enjoy life separately.

#Take time for yourself

Sharing your life with your partner doesn’t mean that you have to do everything together or be in touch 24/7.

It is nice to care for your loved one, but make sure that once in a while, you manage to spend some time on your own, taking care of yourself. It does not matter what you do -you can go alone for a walk or spend an evening alone at home- as the objective is to give each other some space, avoid monotony, and, at the same time, keep your autonomy.

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#Have your own hobbies

Having the same hobbies is one of the key factors to make your relationship work. However, it is also a good idea to engage in some activities without your partner. You can go to the gym, go to salsa classes, have some drinks after work or simply go shopping without the other one.

In that way, you will not be too dependent on someone else to do something that you like. It is also a good excuse to not feel bored, or alone whenever your partner is busy or away.

Our recommendation?

Have a monthly or weekly date with you! Go to museums, bars, the cinema or wherever you like, but go by yourself. Forget checking your phone non-stop and start to enjoy your own company. We’re forgetting how to be with ourselves without the continuous attention at our phone. Try this exercise!

#Go out with your friends separately

As a couple, you probably tend to socialize with the same group of people, but it important to have your own set of friends as well. It is good for your relationship if, once in a while, you meet your friends individually.

You can have a night out separately or having a drink, and a chat with a colleague without your partner being present.

This not only will make the relationship with your partner grow stronger but also the one with your friends as well.

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