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5 motivations for a better life in couple

Last Update : May 23, 2019 by Olivia

Love is a path full of adventures and challenges…but when we are in the mood for love everything is possible!

From the start, the quest for love and throughout the whole way… and relationships aren’t easier either!

Once the first challenge of finding a partner has been accomplished, the next one starts: maintaining a healthy life in couple…

A challenge that we will try to tackle by giving you 5 motivations that you should keep every day in mind to slowly build a bullet-proof relationship.

#1 Safety & Confidence in a couple

The beauty of being in a couple is having and sharing extra support in life. Feeling safe and in complete confidence with your partner seems a pretty obvious element for a relationship, which, however, it is not that easy to strengthen.

Trusting your lover and showing him/her when needed, your most confident side and strongest support is a basic love fact that has to be taken into account every day.

#2 A meaningful love connection

It is crucial to make your partner feel important and valuable.

Sometimes we tend to assume things, and creating a meaningful connection is indeed one of the first elements we tend to assume when in a long-term relationship.

The perfect situation will be if you manage to make your partner feel privileged, valued and very special to you (and vice versa).

To strengthen that feeling it is therefore very important to put extra work on your connection. Do you feel the love of your partner?

Do you feel that you have a full understanding of each other and full support?

Creating a meaningful connection is not an easy task, but rather a long-term project that will have to be taken care of on a daily base.

#3 Companionship

Being in a relationship often means to start to share a routine and to discover life together.

Routines are based on the feeling of security and safety they create, a way of organizing or days without getting lost.

Life on its side tends to put us, more often than we would like to, in difficult positions. Arduous paths which are so much easier tackled with the security of having support.

It is exactly where the lover or partner should make its more important contribution.

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#4 Contributing

Unfair contributions are not only a thing of couples. It can happen everywhere, within families, with workmates, with friends…

When somebody tends to put an extra effort into things but the other person doesn’t even appreciate it, relationships (of any kind) start to fall apart.

To avoid it, you always have to make sure that you both contribute in the long run on a similar level.

#5 Growing together

Last but not least, being in a healthy relationship means that you both allow each other to grow. Both individually and together.

It is important in that sense to take the lead, if needed, and make sure that you both allow some space to each other to develop your projects, to support each other and to plan the future together.

How does his/her plans fit in your future? How could you make them fit? Is everything fair for both of us?

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Make sure to integrate these steps in your daily life in couple and you will see how little by little you both start building a bullet-proof relationship for an enjoyable life in couple.