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The desires of senior singles

Last Update : June 30, 2016

They say sex is a bit like a good wine; it matures with age. Manchester University, recently carried out a study that revealed some startling statistics. Roughly one third of all women and almost half of all men over seventy years of age continue to engage in sexual activity several times a month. Our sexual needs naturally change as we grow older, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist anymore. It’s true that some people describe a physically diminished desire but equally, others report a greater sexual awareness and awakening. With modern technology opening up new doors of communication and easy access to online chat rooms and senior dating sites, those entering their retirement years have more opportunities than ever to connect with new sexual partners. Single seniors are turning more and more towards the internet in search of love and lust.

Growing old or growing young?

Senior citizens who are free of responsibility can throw off the shackles of shame and explore new sexual adventures. They are not conditioned by society and don’t feel the need to conform or fit in. This leads to a new sense of freedom because they no longer have prohibitive or restrictive social taboos to contend with. Older people are more open-minded and don’t feel compelled to compete or impress.

Instead, they tend to be attracted to experiences that will enrich their lives mentally, physically and emotionally. They take a far more holistic approach to life in general and sexual satisfaction is not the first thing on their agenda. Thanks to recent medical advances, dips in desire that lead to a lowered libido can be re-addressed by taking a simple pill. Researchers have even discovered a new potion that can magically awaken a woman’s dormant desires; Osphena, the female Viagra.

Seniors and sexual liberation

Back in the fifties, society frowned upon casual sexual liaisons and those who did indulge were viewed as promiscuous and of low moral standard. Relationships were traditionally based in commitment via marriage and family. Today, seniors are not hampered by guilt or shame.

Men and women who fall into the fifty plus category have experienced good and bad relationships giving them a clear perspective on what they want from a relationship. Seniors often don’t feel they have to go through the romancing, wooing and seducing stages. They can be forthright and direct about their sexual needs and wants.

The older you are, the better the quality

As we mature, it takes more time to become aroused and we are more inclined to want to please our partners rather than ourselves. The sexual act lasts longer, and more consideration is given to the mutual meeting of mind, body and soul. Being able to ask for our needs to be met in an honest and direct way leads to effective communication which only strengthens an intimate bond. It is more wholesome, more fulfilling and therefor more intense than ever.

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