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Where can you find a serious encounter?

Last Update : May 10, 2018

Having a meaningful encounter is not something that should be left to chance. If you expect love to come knocking on your door, it is highly likely that you will find yourself alone. That is why we insist on the need to disrupt your daily life and change your habits in order to invite your ideal man or woman into your life. Take your courage in both hands, open your laptop or turn on your tablet and prepare yourself a cup of coffee; we are going to tell you how to proceed in order to find a truly serious online dating site where you can meet genuine people.

How to choose the right dating site

Among the dating sites that claim to offer serious services that will help you to find a lasting relationship, there are those who are improvised love coaches, those who mix the results of personality tests with other singles in their database, those that have selective registration and others that target mature profiles.

To find the site that will allow you to make a really serious connection, you need to first ask the right questions:

Would you share your areas of interest with this person?

If this will involve going to the cinema, taking beautiful walks in the countryside or eating an Italian meal, you will probably be spoiled for choice. On the other hand, if it is essential that you share your rounds of golf, go out sailing on a yacht or take part in triathlons, you would probably be better off choosing a site based on the concept of love affinity, such as Zoosk. This site has a love matchmaking tool that has repeatedly proven its effectiveness.

Do you want to find a person in your own age group?

Most dating sites target singles who are aged between 25 to 60 years but some platforms attract a younger or more mature audience because of their reputation or their social image. Seniors are turning more towards Parsnip, rather than sites like Meetic or Attractive World that appeal more to thirtysomethings.

Are you hoping to meet someone who has the same social background as you?

Elite Meeting will save you time by focusing on forming a relationship with singles from a higher social, economic and professional background or who have completed a university course similar to yours.

Focus on quality rather than quantity

One of the best ways to form a serious relationship online is to use a site whose other registrants are also seeking a partner for a lasting relationship. Most dating sites that are actually serious prefer to sort and select subscribers in several different ways in order to provide consistent profiles with high added value. Some will make their site selective by charging higher rates while others will hunt out fake profiles or ban members whose activities cause suspicion.

A popular dating site where you can find someone to form a serious relationship with is rarely, if ever, free! It is a utopian ideal if you hope to find the love of your life on a free site as the free platforms are dedicated to more casual and ephemeral encounters. The profiles there are rarely detailed and there are insufficient sorting filters to find the partner of your dreams. Finding true love online does not come without a cost, so it is worth deciding how much you would be willing to spend in order to find the man or woman who will be your partner for life…


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