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When singles get addicted to online dating

Last Update : May 10, 2018

Dating sites have the ability to create an addiction to meeting new people because they facilitate the process and make it very easy. Whereas in the past we did not need this type of social interaction, dating sites now create a need to make a large number of different meetings rather than simply one meeting. How can you be sure that it is a specific meeting that will make you happy, when there are so many singles active on different dating sites? Some dating sites have created a constant need to test their seduction capital: how many appointments a person has, how many ‘firsts’, how many instants of ‘first contact’? We have created a large number of dating advice for singles who are new to online dating to present the right attitudes to adopt to find the perfect person and make good use of these platforms without becoming hooked on them!

Dating sites and hunting scenarios

Although deep down everyone knows it, some people are still hopelessly searching for perfection, while in reality the perfect man or woman does not actually exist! However, finding the man or woman to form a lasting relationship with is actually very possible! Many singles are still tempted to see if they can find the best possible match rather than sticking with what they have. There comes a point when you have to stop thinking ‘next’ and say ‘stop’ to online dating.

How many couples met on the Internet and have not taken the time to find out if their relationship could be stable and lead to something serious because they were too obsessed by the need to know if they would have other contacts and other opportunities? How do you know where to stop and recognise the right person to form a lasting relationship with?

Unfortunately, we do not have the answer to this question. What we do know is that when someone becomes dependent on dating sites in their search for love, they presented with the idea that ‘everything is possible’. And what happens if I were to meet other people? And what if that person was not the right one? If you never try to build a relationship in real life and disconnect yourself from the world of online opportunities, you will never find the answer to this question.

Multiple opportunities to meet can make it difficult to choose

The men and women who fail to quit dating sites even when they are finally in a relationship are not the villains in this case. In truth, they are simply addicted to the game. They spent a large amount of time where they sent out their profile dozens of times, filtered in the online profiles of other singles, worked on their introductions and perhaps had dozens of exciting meetings.

A romantic encounter is created from choosing a single person above everyone else and saying; ‘this is the one I chose’. It can be a difficult choice, both very exciting and scary at the same time. Therefore, the fantasy of finding someone who is even better can sometimes take over, creating addicts. Singles never achieve the true satisfaction of finding love online.

Love becomes the present reality

If dating sites are seen as being disposable and we go back to them every time we are in doubt: we will surely be confined to be single for the rest of our life. While dating sites can create unity, they can equally maintain celibacy!

A relationship changes and evolves over the course of many weeks and months: this is perfectly normal! It is relatively easy to discover after a few weeks the spark has worn off and eventually this meeting is not so passionate as it once was… For some people the reaction will be to immediately return to dating sites.

If this reaction becomes chronic, it is a certainly that you have developed an addiction to online dating…

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