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What to do after a first date?

Last Update : May 10, 2018

You already have had your first date, and it seems that everything went smoothly. You had a great time together, you discovered that you have many things in common, and that person seems that may be the perfect one to start a long-term relationship.

Truth is that you cannot really say that you have mastered your first date unless you already have scheduled a second one.

You could have nailed your first meeting, but if, for whatever reason, you do not receive that call asking for a second date, then all of your efforts so far have been futile.

Here it is a guide with some suggestions about what to do right after having your first date in order to (hopefully) get a second one.

#Analyze your first date

The first thing you should do is to analyze how the date went, and think about if there was chemistry between you two. You can always ask one of your friends to help you go through it objectively. Did your date send some signals to show that he/she was really interested in you? You do not need be an expert in dating, but having some knowledge on body language will make things easier.

If your date was laughing nervously at your jokes, keeping eye contact, and staring deeply when talking to you, being curious to find out more about you or accidentally touching you (discreetly, and in a flirty way of course), then he/she really is into you.

In case you did not see these signals, think about what could have happened during your date that put him/her off. Weren’t you charming? Did you ask the wrong questions? Did you mention your ex at some point? Did you check your mobile phone very often?

#Consider if you want see your date one more time

The next step is to ask yourself if you feel comfortable around that person, and if you want to go out for a second time. Are you willing to know more about him/her? Did you connect in another level? Was there a first kiss? Do you see that person as boyfriend/girlfriend material?

If you think something was missing during your first meeting, you would also need to think about if you want to give your date another chance to see if butterflies appear in the second date.

If you decide that you prefer to call it day, you should also consider if you want to be sincere with your date, and tell it straight away. It is always better to at least let the other part know to avoid possible misunderstandings.

In case you are in the other side, and want to have a second date, but are not very sure if the other person wants to see you again as well, you should take your time to think about what exactly to say in your follow-up message.

#The follow-up message

Dating experts say that, after the first meeting, the best is to wait from two to four days to contact your date.

They key point is to subtly show that you are interested in having another meeting, but you need to avoid looking too desperate for it.

A good idea is to shorten the wait by sending, the following morning, a text message to your date with the excuse of wanting to know if he/she came home safely.

Remember to not rush things up. In that message you can mention that you really had a great time, and that it will be nice to repeat the plan someday soon.

It is the moment to play it cool. Wait a couple of days to text him/her again to fix a day, and a plan for the second round.

Proposing an exciting, and fun activity that boosts your adrenaline, like for example paintballing, sky diving or riding amusement park attractions, will increase your chances to have a second date.

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