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What do women want?

Last Update : May 10, 2018

You’ve finally found a lady you want to spend more time with, and you’re really happy about moving forward together. Have you wondered what’s going through her mind? Hopefully she’s just as happy to be with you, her handsome man who makes her laugh so much that it hurts, shares her views and makes her feel good about herself. Women are usually a lot faster than men to start considering the future of their couple & relationship than men are. Chances are, she’s already considered what a future with you might look like. She’s thought about the two of you sharing a home, setting up the foundations of a family unit. Men tend to think about these practical aspects in the same way, but you know that you enjoy spending time together, and you’re curious about what might happen next. The expectations of women differ greatly from men at the beginning of a relationship, and if they’re not handled properly, can lead to problems.

Women’s expectations

Research has shown that men and women definitely don’t have the same priorities. Men are short-term creatures, living for the moment, especially if he’s been hurt in the past. Women tend to start daydreaming about the future right from the start of a relationship. This leads to worries, which lead to questions which she’ll bombard her partner with. She’ll be craving romance, security and signs of commitment.

If everything keeps going well, and you’re both happy, your lady will be waiting to hear those three little words. She’ll be waiting for you to tell her that you love her, because those words will give her the reassurance that she’s looking for. Be careful not to jump in with those words too soon though. If you start professing your love too soon, she’ll doubt you’re being honest.

How girls see Love

For a lady, it’s all about your family. When they get to meet your family, they’ll know that this is a serious relationship. Being invited to meet the family for Sunday lunch is an important step for a woman, and they’ll wait (Patiently or impatiently!) for you to make that offer. If you’re ready to introduce her to your parents, that tells her that you’re in love with her enough that you’re proud of her, being seen with her, and that you want her to be included in your family unit.

If you’re not able to offer the chance to meet your family, it’s best to be honest and explain that to her, rather than letting her think that your feelings for her aren’t serious or that it’s not a relationship which has a future. Maybe your family has problems, you’ve had a bad experience with them, or there’s a family member who might cause difficulties. Explain to her that you want to protect her from this, and take your time introducing her.

Living under the same roof

Something else a woman will be looking for is the chance for you to live together. This may involve a bit of a lifestyle change for you, so make sure you’re ready before waving goodbye to your bachelor pad, whole evenings playing Fifa with your friends while eating pizzas, and watching whatever you want on TV.

For a woman, living under the same roof as her man is a sign of a long term commitment, but they need to be cautious not to suggest this too soon, because it can scare their man away.

Remember that married life doesn’t mean you have to give up all your freedom, but instead opens the door to hundreds of new possibilities, compromises and desires.

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