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To Kiss or not to Kiss

Last Update : May 10, 2018

Kissing on a first date, should you? The subject has brought a lot of headaches to first daters.


To kiss or not to kiss that is the question. You have had an amazing first date, you have used all of your seductions secrets, you know how to master a first date and you feel confident and comfortable. The best is that your date seems very collaborative too. You two walk together until your ways split and you have to say goodbye… the stars are really pretty in the sky, your date glows under them and everything seems to be pointing towards more romanticism… should you kiss?

Men and first kisses

Traditional dating has always put most of the pressure on men. They had to make the first moves, they had to invite out and they also had to be the ones to show romanticism by giving the first kiss. Not always such an easy task ! The first kiss has always been a source of wreck nerves for men. While,on the other side, women expected men to take most of the steps.

With online dating, the seduction game has changed. Men and women have equally become empowered and men don’t – usually – feel such a pression to have to take the decisitons.

Indepently of this, the rules of the game change showly and there are still some women awaiting for men to take control of the situation by making the right moves.

Kissing at the end of a charming date is a tricky move. If he/she decides to kiss it could be taken as a bad sign but if he/she doesn’t show any sign of wanting to end the date with a sweet kiss it could also be taken as a bad sign.

That’s why body language is the best weapon to approach THE kiss at the end of the date.

Signs your date wants a kiss

There are definitely signs that your date is interested in you and she/he is waiting for a magical kiss at the end (or in the middle) of the night. Reading those signs is a hard task. Those signs can be really subtle and sometimes if you are not very attentive you could completely miss them or even worst , you could misread them .

It is said that the eyes are the mirror to the soul. Keep it in mind ! When somebody is enjoying what they are seeing their pupils tend to dilate and their eyes get wider. The more you notice this the more she/he is feeling connected to you ! If on top of that, your date is starting to stare at you deeply, the connection is getting even stronger !

Touch is very telling of body language. If you see that your date is going out of her/his way to put her/his hand on your arm, or that your date finds any excuse to touch you, you should assume that your affective date is not only interested in you, but she/he is probablly also interested in some romantic physical contact. A kiss in those cases might not be such a bad idea !

The last important sign you should be attentive to spot is if your date starts to stare at your lips.

This little gesture is a very powerful seduction weapon. It increases the sensuality and brings a step closer that hipothetical kiss to your night.

Women and first kisses

It depends on the women, whether they prefer to be asked for permission to be kissed or not. If you want to be on the safe side, it’s probably for the best asking if you’re not very convinced.

If on the other hand, you have felt a very strong connection with her and you think she would appreciate a bit of sensuality and romanticism then you are probably better off being spontaneous and kissing her.

The strategy to kiss or no to kiss on a date is not a science. It depends on a lots of factors, starting by the own person characteristic traits. However as we have previously seen a golden rule is to be very very very attentive to body language and not to expect that your date takes all the first steps.

And if the magical romantic kiss does happen, make sure you focus on enjoying the moment. Leave behind all your fears and anxities and enjoy every single second.

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