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Ghosting : a new trend to avoid

Last Update : May 10, 2018

You might have never heard about it, but ghosting has been considered as one of the newest dating trends. A polemic new habit that has become quite popular.

If you are entering the universe of dating, you probably are interested in this new concept, its implications and consequences.

There are some advice for singles regarding the best attitude to take towards ghosting. We will unveil for you this new trend so you can anticipate it.

Ghosting : the newest dating method

Ghosting refers to the way singles stop dating somebody by just disappearing and avoiding them. You might think that the concept is no new, however it seems that this behavior has resurfaced lately as a habit.

A dating method that has become quite popular by which people simply avoid dates or singles they don’t want to keep on meeting.

It has created quite a controversy as it seems that online dating has become one of the favorite places to practice this new method.

So what’s the theory behind ghosting ?

The theory is actually quite simple : ghosting consists on ignoring somebody you’ve been previously in touch with or somebody you have been dating, because you are not interested anymore. Instead of telling them directly, ghosting is a way of avoiding confrontation.

It seems that the practice of ghosting doesn’t know of gender nor age but it’s rather related to the level of maturity of a given person.

Ghosting : what to do ?

If you have started dating somebody and things seemed to be going fine until that person stopped suddenly replying to your messages… you might have been ghosted.

The first step is actually to identity if it is actually ghosting or if the other person is simply very busy or forgot to reply to message.

It is true that nowadays and with the speed that online dating allows, some singles have become very impatient and expect an almost instantaneous answer or a constant live interaction. You have to be aware that this is not always possible. People have lives, jobs, family, friends, etc therefore is sometimes the other person is taking some time to reply you shouldn’t panic and think straight away of ghosting.

However, if some days have passed, you’ve tried to get in touch with your date and no answer has come through…then the situation change and you could pass onto step 2.

If you are being ghosted you have basically two main ways to act : the first one will consist on ignoring the other person too on the simple basis that if that person is immature enough to not face you and rather prefer to ghost you… it definitely means that you shouldn’t be interested in that person in the first place.

In this situation you are basically making the most of ghosting as it has shown you the true face of your date and it is not something you would ever be interested in : therefore, no loss.

If however you feel upset by the reaction of your date and you feel that things shouldn’t be left that way, you could always send a last message to your date just to let them know their lack of maturity about the subject.

Ghosting : what to avoid

Obviously the first thing you should avoid about ghosting is to ghost yourself. Indeed, if you’ve read that far, you’ve probably realized that ghosting is a very immature and upsetting way of ending things up.

You’ve also learned what you should do when you are being a victim of ghosting, but do you know what you shouldn’t do ?

As you’ve probably concluded by now, if you’ve been ghosted is because the other person is not interested in you anymore. Plain and simple. So the first thing you shouldn’t do would be to try to keep in touch with that person, to insist and to ask for the reasons of that sudden lack of interest.

If someone is not interested in you anymore and it is not even bothered to let you know that, why would you think that he/she would be interested in telling you when and how he/she lost that interest ?

Indeed. Do not insist.

At the end of the day if someone uses ghosting to end things up you should keep a positive attitude : that person didn’t deserve your time, so the quicker things actually end up the best.

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