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Flirting with a man online: where to start?

Last Update : March 12, 2024

These days, finding your Prince Charming is a difficult task. Some say that all the good men are already taken, and only the less interesting ones are left. But you mustn’t forget that if a girl as great as yourself still has her heart up for grabs, there must be men in the same position! Opportunities are always available for you to get more dates and meet the perfect guy! Why not choose online dating? Flirting isn’t just for men! Here’s a set of techniques you can use to attract a man on an online dating site.

Look for the profile that suits you on a dating site

It all starts with the analysis; you must never hurry to pursue a man on an online dating platform, first take the time to carefully analyse his profile. There are a lot of frauds on dating sites. Beware of photos of models and profiles that just aren’t right. You won’t find the perfect man when you’re dealing with liars who want to lure you in just to increase their profile views. After sorting the false profiles from the real ones and selecting the ones that you like the best, take a good look at the detailed description of each of your potential conquests: his main interests, his motivations, his past experiences etc. A little extra research on social networks can be useful for checking the honesty of your potential boyfriend.

A discreet way to flirt with a man

An online dating site is a perfect hunting ground for women, especially the timid ones, to make the first move in the dating process. If approaching a stranger seems unthinkable to you in real life, it’s an opportunity for you to take the first step as it is much easier with an online chat. It couldn’t be easier to start up a conversation! After the usual back and forth, you must find a way to get your conversation partner to want to find out more about you. There are several possible ways: keep an air of mystery about you (it’s useless if you give everything away at once), build on a shared important interest, or ask questions to open up a dialogue. Your objective is to discover what you have in common with this other single person: the countries you’ve visited, the people you’ve encountered, your anecdotes etc.

Like when you approach someone for the first time in real life, it’s the first impression that counts and will determine 90% of the relationship that follows. Approaching a man on an internet dating site is nothing complicated per se because the challenge lies mainly with maintaining a mutual attraction and creating the desire to go further, towards a real meeting and then asking him on your first date.

Becoming a good enchantress

After you’ve made contact on a web chat, you need to reflect on (or anticipate; even better…) the next discussion. It will vary depending on your motivations: are you looking for a fun and laid back meeting or something more serious? Men like women who play a little hard to get and who know how to make themselves more desirable (to a reasonable degree) than the easier girls. The good enchantresses are always first the determined women. Always know why you are there and what you want: the masculine guys adore it!

Despite all that, you’re not on a dating site to conduct interviews. Avoid this attitude which is more rigid and less warm and don’t go off on a long monologue listing all the qualities you’re looking for in the perfect man: you will make most of them run away. A good enchantress is also a woman who doesn’t make too many assumptions about men, knowing that they are all different, and even if one of them did make her suffer, she won’t share these bad experiences with her male counterparts. To attract a man, there’s nothing like creating a good atmosphere allowing for dialogue and to give your conversation partner a chance to reveal things about himself. Finally, a good enchantress is neither more nor less than a woman who trying her luck with men, not forgetting what she truly wants, and who has tact (which doesn’t involve ruthless interrogation).

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