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Extreme sports & Love

Last Update : May 10, 2018

Doing extreme sports is one of the best ways to boost adrenaline. Energy and adrenaline are released into your body creating a sensation of well being and excitement. If you would like to seduce through sports and both your partner and you are willing to discover new thrilling ways of having adventures together, you have the choice between a great variety of available extreme sports. The adrenaline that is released during those kinds of sports is a great ally to expand the romantic feeling. A perfect way of combining both feelings with the help of fun and stimulating activities. After all it is said that love is another kind of extreme sport !


The endorphins, dopamines in love and sports

Both in extreme sports and love, different strong physical and mental changes start to appear. The body gets completely activated and the mind experiences the releases of hormones : tension get higher to finally drop : in a nutshell, love and sport are at the heart of some of our most intense moments of our lives. Doing any extreme sport as a romantic date is indeed a great idea as you will be activating with sports the same hormones that you will need to make somebody fall in love with you, all accompanied with excitement, fun and a great experience to remember. The endorphins are small proteins that quickly switch pain for pleasure, they reduce stress and boost the mood. The endorphins are like Cupid arrows directed straight to our brain. They are responsible f boosting the feeling of being in love in a person through pleasure. If love releases endorphins, sport also manages to release these powerful hormones that have actually been considered additives. The feelings that go through your body after doing extreme sport are very similar to the feelings you might have when you are falling in love. In this way, when you manage to stimulate your senses, you stimulate generally the production of endorphins in a feedback logic : the more you stimulate your senses, the more endorphins you will release. These little « happiness’ hormones » are great ally for pleasure, well being and of course, for love. On the other hand the body also release another kind of hormone : the dopamine. This hormone helps to feel more lucid, to think quicker and to have better reflexes. These hormones are usually released when you engage into activities that make you feel good. In this way, love and sports and two of the main sources for pleasure in human beings : if you mix these two activities you will intensify dopamine, which is closely related to pleasure. Even if this hormone has been responsible for several accusations regarding its high level of addiction, this hormone allows us to feel a pleasurable sensation through all your body after sports and during love.

The adrenaline, « the action’s hormone »

Indeed, we all heard about the adrenaline, that exhilarating feeling of energy, strength, mixed with nerves, that tends to push our bodies to limits we didn’t know we had… Adrenaline can be released in all kind of situations : when we are waiting for our partner, when a lover calls us, or when doing extreme sports such as rafting, surf, climbing… Your heart beats faster when you see your lover approaching in the same that when our brain thinks we might be in danger, it start to send a signal of alert to the hypothalamus to start producing this stress hormone : the adrenaline. In is interesting to note that adrenaline runs through the body while the heart also receives the signal to be aware in case of any eventuality. Strong emotions for body and mind that help creating stronger romantic bonds and very intense emotions while you also develop feelings of confidence and closeness. Extreme sports are a wonderful way of emptying the body of negative feelings and detoxifying : you can the refill you body with love and romance if you practice sports in couple. Don’t doubt it and start the adventure. Feel your whole body and the heart beats of your heart !

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